What do you wish you’d spent more money on?

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We are close to hitting the ceiling on our small-budget wedding, and I'd love to hear from Offbeat Bride readers who've finished their weddings…

What are things that you wish you spent more or less on?

I am trying to balance my tight-fisted nature with my f-it attitude.


Offbeat spouses, we know TONS of you are still reading (you're 20% of our readership!) and we need to know: Looking back, what do you wish you'd spent more money on? Bonus question: what do you wish you'd spent LESS money on?

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  1. Photography, hands down, is the area to concentrate significant time, energy and money. Good photography will show off every detail of the wedding, make you look great and feel great every time you open your album or glance at the framed pictures on your wall.
    Unless there are strong feelings against serving alcohol, build some alcoholic beverages into your budget. I’m not saying a full, open-bar, is the only way to go, but offering a limited amount and/or menu of drinks is appreciated by those who would like to raise a glass.
    As for spending less, look at the little stuff – favors, flowers, table numbers, etc. The endless amount of “things” that can be included in a wedding, especially a theme wedding, can bust a budget fast.

  2. This thread has been super helpful! We’re getting married at my parents’ home in August, so there’s a lot of deciding how ‘wedding’-ish we have to go since we’re hoping to keep everything laid back. I’m very against putting up lots of money for flowers, so it’s awesome to see so many of you have named it one of the lesser-valued (after the fact) expenses. Seeing the consensus about photography is VERY helpful. My biggest question mark regarding our wedding is iPod vs. DJ. We’re hoping to hook up a great borrowed sound system, keep a microphone accessible, and program our tunes. We’re getting A LOT of pressure to hire a DJ, but since we’re both social people who are happy to hop on the mike and get people up to dance, we don’t see the need. I’m seeing mixed thoughts here. Does anyone have any opinions on the matter?

    • We hired a DJ for our wedding just because we didn’t have a sound system at our location and the headache of setting it up was something we were willing to pay to avoid. We also didn’t want to have to worry about music selection throughout the night since music can have a huge influence on the tone of a party.

      That being said, one of my best friends had an iPod reception and it was just fine. She had a sound system at her location and her playlist was good. A DJ was not missed at her wedding and would have been an unnecessary expense for her.

  3. I wish we had put money aside for a honeymoon. We moved our wedding up because we had saved faster than expected and literally could not wait to get married. But now because of our budget and our schedules, we haven’t even planned a honeymoon yet. We had a great party, but we want to have a special trip just for us.

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