Mint & Mirth: Portland’s favorite queer bartenders are bringing their cat-themed cocktails to the entire West Coast

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Jennelle working
Jennelle mixin' it up

Our newest sponsors, Joni and Jennelle, are Portland-based couple who started their own custom cocktailing business. Mint & Mirth offers licensed and insured cocktail bartending in Portland, Oregon and in Los Angeles, and they LOVE Offbeat Brides! They love Offbeat Brides so much that they wanna party with you.

We like to think of our job less in terms of drink preparation and more in terms of experience creation. Your big day should reflect your unique personality and style, so we work with our clients to create delicious custom cocktails.

Mint & Mirth is more than just custom cocktails, and experience creators — these ladies are generous with their craft, their attention to detail, and their special offers. Read on to see why they're the West Coast's best-loved bartenders. Heck, even if you're not on the West Coast, you're going to want to see this beverage porn!

The “new girlfriend” signature cocktail

Mint & Mirth specializes in “Hers and Hers,” “His and Hers,” “His and His,” cocktails, signature cocktails, champagne/mimosa bars, and sangrias. They'll work with you to create delicious custom cocktails. Give 'em a theme and they'll run with it! Don't have a theme, vibe, or mood in mind yet? Tell them what you do know, and they'll actively work with you to arrive at your perfect menu for the night. Ooh, and beer lovers: Since Joni and Jennelle are lucky to live in the heart of Portland's breweries and distilleries, they take advantage of this by helping you select the perfect local beer!

Lavender drinks
Lavender drinks!

Since they're very much into customization, Mint & Mirth doesn't do “wedding packages” — they custom-build every menu, quote, and contract from scratch. They'll craft you your perfect drink, even if it takes fifty back and forth emails. They have been known to drive over a hundred miles to get an ingredient that a bride was determined to source from her hometown. When they're not driving hundreds of miles for ingredients, Mint & Mirth exclusively serves local spirits with fresh, organic, local garnishes.

9 - Citrus

lil-bub-catWe want our drinks to surprise and delight the guests, to get the party started, to end up all over their Facebook feeds. Anything can be the jumping point for inspiration!

My current favorite is a bride who loves Lil' Bub, the famous Internet cat. She asked us to design a bar menu around Lil' Bub. I was SO excited when she asked me that! We'll be serving up ten flavors of champagne cocktails at a “Lil' Bubly Bar” at her spring wedding next year.

Look at how freaking cute Joni and Jennelle are!
Look at how freaking cute Joni and Jennelle are!

As a queer-owned-and-operated company, Joni and Jennelle take pride in their commitment to the community. Therefore, for every LGBTQ wedding they serve at, Mint & Mirth donates 10% of their service fee to the Trevor Project.

As a small, independent business network, they understand the value and opportunity that service trades between businesses offer! If you want to book them for an event, but can't afford to pay cash at this time, you can go ahead and pitch them your trade, and Mint & Mirth will happily consider it!

But these ladies don't stop at being LGBT and trade-friendly: they also offer a special discount for our readers:

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: To celebrate their recent expansion into Los Angeles, Mint & Mirth are happy to provide LA couples with a 15% discount. All other readers will get 10% off your wedding package. Just mention that you found them Offbeat Bride.

Cheers to Joni and Jennelle for being so very awesome! Get in contact with Mint & Mirth, and taste the custom cocktails already.

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