Weird wedding survival kits

Guest post by Liz

Remember the wacky wedding placemats made by Liz? Well, Liz is back with another of her great wedding creations — weird wedding survival kits for the adorably nerdy.

Packages 033.JPG

I'd seen this idea on a few blogs, but wanted to make it my own. Since I'm a Star Trek nerd, and Kevin's a Star Wars nerd, we had to include something from each universe in our particular kits.

Here's the list of what we've included…


We ordered these plastic bags online — they were a couple bucks, and we'll use them for a lot of other things, too.

Then we stuffed the bags and cut some pretty scrapbook paper to size. We rolled the end of the bag to seal it, and stapled the pretty paper to the top.


We'll finish them off with stickers on the paper, like so:

I'm very stoooopidly proud of this. I love them, and I know our wedding party will love them, and I love that we got to “nerd up” this whole idea.

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  1. Hi there! Congratulations for the amazing website! I’m getting married in 2 weeks and I’ve never been the ‘traditional type’. I wish I had come across your website earlier! I’m very excited with your tips and alternative ideas, tks!

  2. Jackpot! Um, I’m totally diggin’ the survival kit. I think I’m gonna borrow the idea and come up with one of my own. I think the kids at the wedding reception would love a kit like this, too. Thanks!

  3. Awesome idea! I may have to use your idea and do something similar for my upcoming wedding. Where in the world did you find those bags? Are they just regular old baggies with the tops cut off?

  4. I thought this was the best idea ever. Since we didn’t do any attended gifts, (we paid for the kilt rental and brides maids dresses instead) I still wanted to have a cute little surprise for our party. I’ve had this book marked for 6 months and put them together last night! Turned out GREAT!

    • YAY! Glad they worked out for you. They were really well-liked by our folks. 🙂

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