Wedding photos get “all out weird” with this San Francisco wedding photographer

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All photos by Ian Chin Photography

So… who else is now adding “giant squirrel photo bomb” to your wedding photography shot list? Because I just did, thanks to our sponsor, San Francisco wedding photographer Ian Chin.

If you think he can make “giant squirrel” work on your wedding day, wait until you see his upside down shots, and his “how did he even capture that” wedding dance photo…

When upside down images are actually the right way up…

Ian Chin caters to couples who want more artistry in their images. He learned to approach weddings by getting all out weird. Ian says that it pushes him to go beyond what he'd normally see and shoot. To capture not just the airy and sunny photos that, of course, will be freaking GORGEOUS… but to go after the creative images that can only be achieved by climbing, lying upside down, or frolicking in the mud.

Not your mama's “getting ready” wedding shot!

“Without a doubt, telling your story and capturing all the emotion during your wedding is the best part of being a photographer… but creating compelling images for you through creative use of light and composition is the best part of being an artist.

My goal is to always give you unique images that push the art of photography, while not forgetting the tears, laughs, and quivering lips that make your special day uniquely you.” –Ian Chin

No seriously, how did he nail this shot???

With all that offbeat thinkin' it's no wonder Ian has a discount especially for our readers…

Offbeat Discount:

Readers of Offbeat Bride can get a 10% discount off of any package. All you have to do is contact him and mention Offbeat Bride!

Epic San Francisco wedding photo is epic.

If you guys are on the hunt for a San Francisco wedding photographer who will get “all out weird” with you, protect you from giant squirrels, AND give you a discount, I think you know what you need to do: Get in contact with Ian Chin today!

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