Four amazing reasons to love Leah and Mark Photography

October 26 2010 | arielmstallings
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Atlanta photographers Leah and Mark have some old school Offbeat Bride cred… we profiled their wedding photography business this year AND we also profiled their wedding! Since then, Offbeat Brides have completely fallen in love with this husband and wife team. And it's probably because their business practices are freaking fantastic…

First, they give you peace of mind: Leah and Mark offer a 100% money back guarantee. And they MEAN 100% — including travel fees. That's means they'll give you 100% of your money back if the wedding doesn't happen or if you guys don't like their photos. (Which ain't gonna happen.)

Secondly, they give back: They still lend 10% of all their photography services to third-world business owners through To date they've made a total of 217 loans — all of it funded by their photography work and being put to good use to help out other small business owners around the globe.

Third, they cater to offbeat schedules: Leah and Mark just launched a brand new Weekday Wedding Package, offering a deep discount for weddings that happen Monday-Thursday. And by "deep" we mean "starting at $650." Because just because you're having a wedding on a Thursday afternoon doesn't mean you don't want pictures like this:

And finally, they're willing to travel: Leah and Mark aren't just willing — they make it easy! In the last few months they've photographed weddings in Massachusetts, Indiana, and Tennessee, along with having future weddings booked in Michigan, Maine, Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, and California. And here comes the "making it easy part" with their sweet Offbeat deal…

Offbeat Bride Discount: Leah and Mark are offering their usual 15% off their wedding packages — but now with NO TRAVEL fees for weddings East of the Mississippi. And for weddings West of the Mississippi, a low flat travel fee of $800.

We know it's a big risk to hire photographers to fly across the country for your wedding, but with their discounts, charitable contributions and money-back guarantee, Leah and Mark make choosing a wedding photographer a no-brainer.

  1. Leah and Mark photographed our wedding 10 days ago, and we whole-heartedly endorse them. We haven’t seen the wedding pics yet, but we love our engagement pics. Better yet, the process was really enjoyable. Leah and Mark have a laid-back style and fit right in with our friends. You should all book them now before their dancecards are full!

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  2. I'm talking to my fiance about this as soon as he gets home from work. Lucky us, we were going to live in IA, but found an apartment in IL. I can see the Mississippi river from my living room window!

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  3. I LOVE Leah and Mark, not only are their photos lovely but they have some great business practices. I am in the middle of starting my own photography business and I really admire them. I am hoping that my husband and I can grow to be as cool, hip, and upstanding as they are!! Anyone that has hired them is VERY lucky!

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  4. I think I left a very similar comment on the last post about them, but I can't WAIT to use them in my wedding someday and add Washington, DC to that list of theirs! Leah was my classmate in grad school and being a social worker makes for a fifth awesome reason to love this duo!

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