Getting weddinged is what it’s called when you have a wedding after you’re already legally married

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Getting weddinged, verb: The act of having a wedding after you're already legally married.

We learned this term from Jeannie & Aaron of, who got married six years ago for the health insurance but are now planning their fall wedding.

Or rather, they're planning to get weddinged.

For more about getting weddinged, straight from Jeannie & Aaron's FAQ, keep reading…

Why do you guys keep saying you're getting “weddinged”? Aren't you getting married?Aaron and Jeannie have actually been legally married for about 6 years now.

What?! What the hell?!

OK, calm down. See, when Aaron and Jeannie first moved to Seattle, Jeannie worked part time and interned at the local NPR affiliate part time. And because of that, Jeannie didn't have any health insurance. She managed to cobble together some expensive, lousy coverage. Her best option was to pray to every god she could think of asking that she never get sick. Aaron, on the other hand, had a job at Microsoft. He had awesome health insurance. So after watching Jeannie struggle through a year of no coverage, Aaron offered to get her covered under his Microsoft insurance. The only way to do this was to get legally married. Aaron and Jeannie knew they wanted to be together, but they didn't want to go through a wedding ceremony. And they thought it was really stupid that Aaron had the Cadillac of health insurance while Jeannie's coverage was for total crap.

So why are you having a wedding now, after all this time?

Because we're ready to now. Geez, you're nosy. Honestly, now that we're in a mortgage together it kind of feels like the public declaration of love and commitment thing is really not that huge a deal.

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  1. we did the city-hall-in-NYC thing before heading out to england for our loved-ones-and-a-party wedding, since the brits would NOT take our word that we were just trying to get married where we met and didn’t actually want to emigrate. we didn’t mind: as someone once said, there’s the day you’re married for caesar and the day you’re married for your friends, and the second is the one that counts.

  2. I’m not even married yet, in any sense of the word. Its just a day. I don’t even know if I’d get weddinged, I can’t afford anything right now but I can jump ship if I have a European passport.

  3. I’m a Sri-Lanka born U.S. citizen, and married my husband, a Sri Lankan citizen, last July (’07), so that I could file for his visa when I returned to the U.S. It was a legal marriage at our (Buddhist) temple, followed by a little lunch for family at a nearby hotel. Three days after this, I returned to the U.S. for my job and to file his visa. Then, this past January I went back for our formal wedding. It was kind of weird to be in limbo between legally married and weddinged, lol! But, it was fun too.

    This has actually been the practice in Sri Lanka for years and years. My parents did the same thing. The legal marriage is NOT called a marriage, but the “Engagement” or “Registration”, and the wedding is held afterwards, usually several months later.

    Not everyone does this, though, and nowadays people just do the legal marriage registration on the wedding day, right after the ceremony. But, the old way is still quite popular.

  4. My husband of 5 years and I just got ‘weddinged’ as did a co-worker of mine, this year. We are all in the military and planning a wedding around our schedules is difficult to say the least. Our reasons for having a wedding later were a little different than Aaron and Jeannie’s, but came from the same tree. Money. It was scarce to say the least, but we knew we wanted to be husband and wife, and weren’t going to let that get in our way. So in a courthouse with my younger brother as the maid of honor/bridesmaid/videographer/ring bearer we said I do. And regret it? We don’t.

  5. We are doing this too, getting weddinged! We were married 15 years ago with a JP ceremony, and will be getting weddinged / renewing our vows this October!

  6. This is great! I didn’t think we were crazy! It’s great to see that so many other couples have done this too. We did it for reasons a bit different than some of the other couples here. We didn’t do it because of insurance. We thankfully live in California and have had each other covered for insurance just by declaring each other domestic partners. Rather we did this as a tax benefit – in the US there’s a tax break given to married people. Lastly, the timing of our legal ceremony strategically came after the Supreme Court of California declared it legal for same sex couples to get married! We have a lot of LGBTQ friends and our getting legally married and then planning our ceremony once this right was given to them was our way of standing in solidarity with our loved ones. We are so excited to get weddinged in October with all our friends back home in Albuquerque, NM. Best of luck to you all!

  7. Haha I’m in the same boat….well except my “beyonce” and I got married a little over a year ago but never told anyone (long story, we were best friends then started dating, I proposed a week later and we were legally married a month after that) and we did it almost like a dare…
    So now we’re getting weddinged next year (probably on our secret anniversary, in fact) and if we can avoid it, I think we still won’t tell people…at least not til we’re all drunk at the reception.
    What’s really funny is that a girl that I work with had to do the same thing. She got legally married earlier than planned because otherwise her apartment complex wouldn’t let them live there. (It’s married student housing, so I guess it wasn’t enough that they were engaged) They just got weddinged a couple months ago.

  8. I’m so happy to hear other people are doing the same as me and my husband. he’s from the UK and I’m American and the only way we could be together was to get married. We’ve now been married for 3 years and finally have all the immigration stuff sorted and getting weddinged in October. I posted a questing regarding my situation on and pretty much got tarred and feathered. They are hardcore bridezillas on that web site glad I found this one. Thanks everyone!!

    • It might be helpful if members of that group could share some experiences on this thread… as the tribe is not open to everyone

  9. We might go this route so we can keep living with our friends. There’s a limit to the number of “unrelated” adults who can live together. If filing a domestic partnership doesn’t cover it, we might go to the courthouse. I don’t know how I feel about keeping it a secret, though. People can get really hurt if it ever comes out because not everyone has the same values, including our loved ones. Then again, if we didn’t keep it a secret, our families and several friends would hate us anyway.

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