Getting weddinged is what it’s called when you have a wedding after you’re already legally married

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Getting weddinged, verb: The act of having a wedding after you're already legally married.

We learned this term from Jeannie & Aaron of, who got married six years ago for the health insurance but are now planning their fall wedding.

Or rather, they're planning to get weddinged.

For more about getting weddinged, straight from Jeannie & Aaron's FAQ, keep reading…

Why do you guys keep saying you're getting “weddinged”? Aren't you getting married?Aaron and Jeannie have actually been legally married for about 6 years now.

What?! What the hell?!

OK, calm down. See, when Aaron and Jeannie first moved to Seattle, Jeannie worked part time and interned at the local NPR affiliate part time. And because of that, Jeannie didn't have any health insurance. She managed to cobble together some expensive, lousy coverage. Her best option was to pray to every god she could think of asking that she never get sick. Aaron, on the other hand, had a job at Microsoft. He had awesome health insurance. So after watching Jeannie struggle through a year of no coverage, Aaron offered to get her covered under his Microsoft insurance. The only way to do this was to get legally married. Aaron and Jeannie knew they wanted to be together, but they didn't want to go through a wedding ceremony. And they thought it was really stupid that Aaron had the Cadillac of health insurance while Jeannie's coverage was for total crap.

So why are you having a wedding now, after all this time?

Because we're ready to now. Geez, you're nosy. Honestly, now that we're in a mortgage together it kind of feels like the public declaration of love and commitment thing is really not that huge a deal.

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  1. Wow. Thanks for delving in to the mess that we call health care in the US and how it makes us rethink our decisions regarding marriage. We where married in a courthouse and a great selling point on why we should jump in to marriage right away as opposed to when we where “ready” was shared bennies. We have never got weddinged, so hopefully someday we will. Thank you HMO’s partaking in the decision to make our marriage a non-event. lol.

  2. Great. My friend just sent me a link to this, cause hubs and I tied the knot three years ago for health insurance, sans wedding. Dude, now I have a word for the post-marriage wedding I want:getting “weddinged”. Thanks 🙂

  3. We’ve just decided to get the legal ceremony done this year due to the health of his Dad… and Nanna isn’t getting any younger. We are still going to do everything we had planned to do for our wedding next year. Most of our guests won’t even know. 😛

  4. I am temping right now as I am going to school to earn my masters and my fiance has great health insurance. This idea is really appealing to us and has been discussed frequently. I love that it now has a verb 🙂

  5. ha I’m getting married this fall, simple, private, court house, (using the first ring Mr. W ever gave me, out of a gum ball machine) its nice to get the legal stuff out of the way.

    and then we are getting weddinged july 09.
    (the party, the friends, the real ring)

  6. Ha! We did this. 🙂 But we both had health insurance, it wasn’t for that. It was because we didn’t want to wait 4 more months (our engagement was short)… we wanted to be married RIGHT NOW. 🙂 So marriage at the court house with our parents it was, and we got weddinged later. And they were pretty cool with it. It was everyone else who was afraid they’d be let down by too simple of a “non-wedding” in May. Oy vey. (And by the way, we didn’t disappoint. So there.)

  7. Glad to know my husband and I aren’t the only ones! It’s funny how people really do seem to be confused by the whole situation, especially because there’s not a word for ‘husband but also sort of fiance’.

  8. You brought a smile to my face!

    Do you think they will add ‘getting weddinged’ to the dictionary? I think they definitely should…

  9. Sarah- I call mine my “beyonce.” It’s kind of a shortened conjugation of husband and fiance. First he was “Husb-iance,” and it kind of organically turned into beyonce because we thought it was funny.

    He also likes to say that we’re “engarried.”

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