Wild wedges: for when you want a heel, but not a spike

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For those of us who have issues walking in heels (and don't be fooled: I love to LOOK at insane heels, but god knows I can't walk in them!) wedges are the perfect solution. You get a little elevation, but with the advantage of a more solid sole — and often the assistance of a little platform.

Today I'm wrastling up a few of my favorite wedges. These run the gamut from the more casual, retro end of the spectrum (beach wedding? adorbz!) all the way to glitter-crusted neon space booties for your sci-fi midnight adventure wedding. Oh, and one pair of fuzzy mice.

Ocean Wave Wedge

Spike and Span Wedge

Mapmaking Your Move Wedge

Colorful of Life Wedge

Walk About It Wedge

Droplet It Be Wedge

Find Your Feat Wedge in Ecru

Woven with Wonder Wedge

Cameo So Cute Wedge in Coral

Haute Heredity Wedge

Top Ten Wedge

Sooner or Spectator Wedge

Walk and Roll Wedge in Teal

Heel to Bow Wedge

On the Wingtip Wedge

Antique Mirror  Mirror Wedge

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Comments on Wild wedges: for when you want a heel, but not a spike

  1. Ariel, I feel like no matter what style of shoe you post, there is ALWAYS one covered in rainbow glitter. 😀

    • Frank-n-Furter, it’s all over! Your mission is a failure, your lifestyle’s too extreme. I’m your new commander……

    • Agreed!

      I had a bit of an argument with a few people because I wanted to put a note on my website warning the ladies that we’d be on grass much of the day so tiny heels could be a bad idea.

      Apparently some people thought I was ordering them around and put it in much the same catergory as “all guests must wear olive green”. I had a suprisingly hard time explaining that I didn’t care if they got a shoe stuck and fell over, but I thought they might.

  2. This is PERFECT timing for me as I’m just getting ready for my bachelorette weekend and would like to get new cute shoes, but, there is *no way* I would last in heels all day.
    I also don’t like the cork/rope-y stuff-on-the-bottom-type of wedges (just my own personal preference), so I love the “Cupid Island” one!! (And, of course, mice!) Thanks for posting! 🙂

  3. Well, I don’t wear wedges (I don’t have a lot of principles, but this is one) and even in this shoe-category you’ve managed to stun me with awesome, fun and over-the-top. You truly are the queen of cybershoe-fun and I salute you. 🙂

    • Thanks for saving me from having to make this comment myself….It’s not the first time this tragedy has hit me lately….I *finally* found the perfect wedding boots and they aren’t for sale anymore! Gah!

  4. Oh god no, the little mousie ones are gone! So much love, they look like tiny little mascot costumes for your feet!

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