This month's featured Nearlyweds site: Allison & Josh's WeddingCon09

February 26 2009 | offbeatbride

As some of you may remember, last month I launched a partnership with Nearlyweds, offering wedding websites with bad-ass templates designed exclusively for Offbeat Brides. It's been super fun this last month checking in on the sites that are being created (the boys from Nearlyweds keep me updated) and I've decided I just can't keep 'em all to myself! I'm going to try to feature one of y'all's wedsites monthly so you can see all the cool shit y'all are doing.

"We met in a bar. A college bar, which might be even worse."
'We met in a bar. A college bar, which might be even worse.'
This month it's Allison & Josh over at These two will be getting married in Bloomington, Indiana in June, and if their wedding blog is any indication, they're going to have a great time.

Allison's blog posts were cracking me up. She decided that "fiancé" sounds weird — so she calls Josh "My Beyonce." HA! Seriously, her blog is hilarious. Here's her take on her bridesmaids:

It was really easy for my to assemble my starting line up for el weddingtando. I'm going for what used to be untraditonal but is now thankfully becoming more mainstream…I'm letting them pick their own dresses! I could hear the excitement in their voices as I laid down the decree. "I want you to look sophisticated and sexy. Hey if you look better than me awesome! I gots myself a man already no one else I need to impress."

weddingcon09-screenshotThey're using the Art Nouveau Peacock theme, one of the offbeat designs from indie designers. (AND YES: I WANT MORE TEMPLATE DESIGNS. DESIGNERS, WHERE ARE YOU!?)

They're also using all sorts of Nearlywed's cool features like the guestbook mapping, photo albums … the works! Can't wait to watch and see how the page evolves as the wedding gets closer…Congrats Allison & Josh. And Allison: please keep cracking me up on your blog. KTHX!

If you'd like to make a wedding page of your own — what are you waiting for?!

  1. Hee! I hate fiance, too! It sounds so pretentious. I found the perfect solution when a friend of mine signed up for a new gym membership and her husband signed on for free as her "permanent guest." So that's what my fiance and I call each other. Permanent Guest.

  2. My fiance' has been calling me his Beyonce' also! Too funny. Another friend of mine calls his fiancee his "ex-girlfriend" since the relationship has been upgraded. Haha.

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