Based on these reader Etsy purchases, y’all are having the most RAD weddings ever

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Cool wedding stuff from Etsy
Custom Handpainted Wedding Jackets from Wild Rose Shop NY

Y’all know we are able to help keep the sites running with help from affiliate sales, right? We feature something, you click, and we get a small percentage of any sales that we drive. It’s a great incentive for us to go hunting for the coolest wedding stuff we can find. We’ve been trawling through all of the reader purchases from Etsy lately and they are AMAZING. I had no doubts that our readers would have great taste and style and these purchases prove it.

Here are some of my favorite wedding wearables that readers have been purchasing (that you can totally nab!)…

Reader Etsy wedding finds
Tea length whisper pink and taupe dress by Mermaid Miss Kristin
Reader Etsy wedding finds
Fingertip Length Black Cathedral Mantilla Veil from LAmei

Heck yes, black wedding veils!

Reader Etsy wedding finds
Pink faux fur bridal wrap from Sissily Designs

And if this faux fur wrap isn’t your thing, you and your crew can rock these bad boys…

Reader Etsy wedding finds
Gray Faux Fur Shawls from East Osmanthus
Reader Etsy wedding finds
The GILT DELPHINE Crown from Howling Moon UK

Finding killer wedding crowns is obviously in your wheelhouse, she said droolingly, adding to cart…

Cool wedding stuff from Etsy
Rainbow Wedding Crown and earrings from Jewelry Ajoure Flowers
Reader Etsy wedding finds
Oversized Pearlescent Lilac Eyeglasses from Vintage For Every Body

I don’t know if these retro glasses are actually for a wedding, but I HOPE SO!

Cool wedding stuff from Etsy
Triforce Silver Engagement Ring from Esdomera

Triforce ring… naturally.

Cool wedding stuff from Etsy
Amulet of Mara from DODesigns3D

I actually squealed when I saw that this was actually a thing. An amulet of Mara will totally make sense to you as a wedding item if you play Skyrim like I do.

Cool wedding stuff from Etsy
Personalised Wedding Sunglasses from RiffRaf Crafts

Love is love. And I ended up loving everything on this list. Keep an eyeball out for a part two where we look at all the gifts and decor you’ve been buying, too.

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  1. Respectfully, I’d ask that Offbeat Bride reconsider featuring “Bride Tribe” merchandise. Trivializing the word “tribe” is disrespectful to our Indigenous & Native siblings.

    • Thanks for calling this out to us. We’ve discussed the use of the word in the past (particularly in this post). I’ve taken the product out of the roundup and appreciate your help in reminding us about the contentiousness of the word. 🙂

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