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“From my vendor listing, I’ve booked over $20k in sales for 2020 weddings. I have an 80% conversion rate for Offbeat inquiries — 4 out of 5 couples who inquired decided to hire me. Packages booked range from $2300 – $9300, with the average at ~$5400. As of now, ALL of my weddings next year are OBB weddings and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it!” -Cindy Savage of Aisle Less Traveled

We love helping Offbeat Vendors reach our hundreds of thousands of monthly readers! If you’d like to work with some of the world’s most wonderfully creative, alternative, and fabulous couples, we encourage you to list your business in the Offbeat Bride vendor directory.

Wedding vendor directory listings include:

  • 365 days in our searchable and browsable vendor directory, categorized by business type and location
  • A feature-rich profile with photos, testimonials, social media links, and more
  • Optional upgrades for additional locations, extra images, etc
  • Check out our Vendor Listing FAQ for more details

The cost is $460 for the first year, and $250 for following years.

We’re picky about the businesses we list in the Offbeat Bride wedding vendor directory, which we see as a service to both our vendors and our readers. We don’t want to accept vendors’ money to list their business if we don’t think their business will resonate with our brides, nor do we want to distract our brides with businesses that don’t fit with their needs. As a result, our vendor listings get RESULTS:

“I did a calculation — last year I spent $720 in advertising with Offbeat Bride… and I have netted over $12,000 in sales. Super huge ROI! –Stephanie Gatton Events

How it works: 5 easy steps

1. You submit your Vendor Listing for consideration

Our listing platform makes it easy to submit your business for consideration: just fill out this quick form. Part of the value of our vendor guide is that it’s curated. Our readers know that we only list vendors who are inclusive!

2. We review, approve, and invoice

We’ll review your business to make sure you’re a good fit for Offbeat Bride, and get back to you within a few days with an automated invoice.

Within 10 days of having our listing up on Offbeat Bride, we booked two weddings! –Lovesick Inc

3. You pay

Once your listing is approved, you’ll receive an email with a one-click invoice. We do all our payments through PayPal, which means we accept all major credit cards and international payments.

4. You log in and provide all your details

Once we receive your payment, we’ll send a link to where you can log and create your listing, sharing what makes your business unique, how you cater to Offbeat customers, showing off your work, and linking to your website, Instagram, Facebook, and more!

5. Your listing goes live and you start connecting with Offbeat Brides!

Once you create your listing, your business appears in our Vendors directory where it’s searchable and viewable by our hundreds of thousands of monthly readers!

“My ROI has been larger than any other site I’m listed on, by far. I don’t get as many inquiries from Offbeat Bride, but the ones I do get, always book. In fact, I haven’t had a single inquiry yet that hasn’t booked! What’s awesome, though, is that I get my most inventive couples from Offbeat. The cool themes, the creative, the geeky — I absolutely love it!” –Events by Merida

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