Katy Perry the Wedding Unicorn: she sneezes glitter, pees lemonade, and shoots pink fire

Guest post by Anna Schumacher
 | Photography by Erik Rivas McGregor
All photos by Kat Green and Erik Rivas McGregor.

Our wedding featured a life-sized unicorn that sneezed glitter, peed lemonade, and shot pink fire. If that sounds more like the twisted fantasy of a six-year-old girl than a standard wedding item… well, that's just how we roll.

My husband and I met through our local Burning Man community and are friends with some seriously talented fire geeks. We knew we wanted a piece of original fire art for our wedding, so one of our first moves after getting engaged was to ask our friends if they'd create something. We didn't give any specifications (besides “awesome”), but since I'm obsessed with unicorns and things that shoot fire, it was a bit of a no-brainer.

Katy Perry the Wedding Unicorn began her life as a black carousel horse with feathers in her hair. Upon her arrival in Brooklyn, Master Unicorn Builders Kat and Jesse Green repainted her from black to white, cut holes in her forehead, nostrils, and crotchal region and custom-built a base that would both give her height (aka “majesty”) and house the fuel tanks and keg.

She was named during a routine visit to Jesse's doctor. They were describing the unicorn to her and she laughingly asked, “what're you naming it — Katy Perry?” The only answer to that is, of course, “we are now.”

Since I tend to go to parties encrusted in glitter and always have extra on hand for the under-sparkled, it made sense for our unicorn to have a glitter effect.  Kat and Jesse built in a small air compressor to activate the “glitter sneeze.” It runs through a gravity-fed glitter containment unit, and is controlled from an arduino switch that is activated by a button on the base of the sculpture.

Beverages are run by a CO2 pressurized corny keg, also in the base, with a beverage tap at the crotch. She was originally supposed to pee champagne, but Vermont liquor laws prohibit anyone who is not a licensed bartender from serving alcohol on public land, and we weren't able to get the unicorn licensed in time. Plus, we figured that with lemonade, the kids could also partake — and have something to talk about with their therapists later.

Katy Perry's horn is hammered copper with a flame-cut finial. The fire effect is an aerosolized methanol spray (which creates the pink color and liquid-looking flare), with a propane pilot.

Under supervision, wedding guests could activate the flare via a button on the back of the base. When timed correctly, she shot fire and sneezed glitter at the same time.

Katy Perry was built in Brooklyn and transported to Vermont in high style by rental minivan. Overall, she took about four months to build and cost approximately $3,000 in materials. The labor was Kat and Jesse's wedding gift to us. They were tinkering with her up until the wedding began, even in their bridesmaid and groomsmen get-up (PS: how badass is Kat in her welding gloves and gingham?).

And frankly, it's the best gift a unicorn-loving bride and her pyromaniac groom could ever ask for.

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Comments on Katy Perry the Wedding Unicorn: she sneezes glitter, pees lemonade, and shoots pink fire

  1. This is literally the best thing I’ve ever seen, or will see for the rest of my life.

  2. every wedding without a katy perry unicorn will now be lacking from here until the end of time. amazing.

  3. This is like…you know how in Snow Crash, there’s that guy permanently attached to a nuclear bomb, and after meeting him Hiro accepts that he’s never going to be the biggest badass in the world because that spot is already taken, and that’s kind of relaxing? The best wedding ever has clearly already happened, so the rest of us can just relax and do whatever we feel like.

    • HA! Amen. I also feel like this can be a reference point with family members. “Oh, you think it’s weird that I’m wearing a blue wedding dress? Well, at least we’re not having a lemonade-peeing unicorn! …OH AND BTW: THAT BRIDE WORE WHITE!”

      • You know, I was going to threaten my mother with a Star Wars themed wedding instead of our Renaissance themed wedding if she got persnickety….but this….oh this is just bloody perfect to shut her up with!!!

    • Today is my partner and my first mensiversary (“month”iversary), and this is the icing on the cake!

      I still love all things on Offbeat Bride, but this is an especially awesome thing to be to see shortly after a wedding. We love it! We want to be there drinking that lemonade pee right now! But it’s not like we can realistically worry, “oh no! We forgot to make a glitter-sneezing, lemonade peeing, fire-shooting unicorn!” I’m going to use this as my rock for enjoying the awesomeness of others while knowing I can’t do everything. Totally perfect!

  4. just showed my lil girl the lemonade tap she went screaming eww to get her sister bringing her back to look at the big horsey peeing

  5. Dear god, this is awesome!!! My brain keeps saying “Awesome!!!!” and “What?!?!” at the same time. Very cool 🙂

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