Let’s drool over some umbrellas

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Photo by Emily Sterne
Photo by Emily Sterne

Inspired by Offbeat Bride Tribe member Q13 (seen above) I want to celebrate umbrellas. She explained, “Our wedding featured some stunning umbrella action because of the sudden pouring rain during our ceremony — which we were prepared for! I had a bright Rainbow Umbrella to tip my hat to MA state law that all couples can get married, and my hope that everyone can someday enjoy the same rights as I do.”

In celebration of autumn weddings, which may or may not include a bit more rain than your average wedding, today I want to round up some of my very favorite umbrellas. Rainbow umbrellas, peaked umbrellas, heart-shaped umbrellas, ruffled vintaged-styled umbrellas, polkadot umbrellas? THEY ALL AWAIT YOU…

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Comments on Let’s drool over some umbrellas

  1. love them! especially that pale blue one with the black lace (2nd down in the middle column) and the black striped one (4th down in the right column). i have a bubble umbrella with gold fish printed all over it that i plan to use if i need it. i got it from modcloth but it appears they don’t have it any more. 🙁

  2. Those umbrellas are awesome! I did not plan for the rain on my wedding day, and got caught by surprise. Luckily people brought umbrellas – although nothing as cute as these 😀 AND luckily the rain stopped just before the ceremony. Next wedding I have I’ll have to remember to buy a cute umbrella!

  3. Oooh! This is not helping my umbrella acquisition tendencies! I especially admire those beautiful pagoda ones.

  4. I’m allergic to water (aquagenic uticaria), so collect umbrellas like a lunatic. Love all of these, though I wish more pretty umbrellas were well-functioning umbrellas. Best umbrellas to use often as ugly pants. 🙁

    • Aw! I just wanted to comment to say that my partner is allergic to water too – aquagenic pruritis (we think). Totally dry sympathetic internet hugs!

  5. I bought HEAPS of umbrellas for our wedding. Piles of the things. My mum bought a beautiful Guy de Jean umbrella, which I borrowed for the day, and I gave each of the bridesmaids a pretty umbrella. The men in the bridal party got light sabre umbrellas. My dad even had an umbrella with LEDs so it looked like stars. I swear I put more effort into acquiring beautiful umbrellas than I put into shoes or jewellery or hair or makeup.

    all along we said we were planning for rain, and had a dry day plan as a backup 🙂

  6. LOVE!! As a Vancouverite (RAINY) getting married in the fall, I feel like umbrellas are going to be a big part of our wedding.

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