The "Did you Know?" Centerpieces

Here's a wonderful DIY non-floral centerpiece idea from Tribesmaid Katie Sue's wedding — a log-sliced wooden base, with two wrapped candles and trivia about wedding traditions held aloft for guests ponder. The bride, Katie Sue, explained:

Nearly everything purchased for the wedding was on sale, free, or crafted with things I already had or could easily find. My fiance and I had craft-night nearly every night for about 7 months leading up to the wedding. We hand-made everything we could, including the boutonnieres, invitations, programs, thank-yous, centerpieces, signage, bouquet, and headpieces.
& Candles

groom's bout. that he made!

The wedding was performed on a Sunday evening outdoors as the sun began to set. Our colors were cream and chocolate and everything was very natural-based with wooden pieces strewn throughout the wedding and reception. Our whole wedding party wore chocolate Converse and we served candy instead of dinner.
beautiful day Chuck shot again Brownie Cake & Crochet Bird Toppers

I can't even imagine the amount of work that Katie-Sue and her fiance put into all these DIY details … and I just scratched the surface! To see the rest, check the slideshow.

All photos by Heather Cook Elliott Photography

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