Make your getaway in style with these outrageous wedding transportation options

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Are you guys doing any special transport for your wedding day? I looked into limos, because I thought it would be fun, but they're so expensive… and I don't know if they're so much fun that they're worth that price, LOL.

So what kinds of things are you guys doing? Anything at all?


Good question, Jessy! I've rounded up some of my favorite get-away options for offbeat weddings. Aaron and I didn't do a dramatic and fun “just married” drive away send-off. We just hopped in our rental car at the end of the night, so this roundup was my time to live vicariously. So, these suggestions range from the simple and silly (skateboards?) to the outrageous and expensive (Batmobile!?). But all of them would make for great photos ops, if not some major WOW factor.

Bikes or a bicycle built for two


Classic car

Great Escape 36

Pedicab (bike rickshaw)

Portland Wedding Pedicab heading to the Steel Bridge

Horse-drawn carriage

Carriage and Dog

Ditch the carriage and ride a horse

Photo by Hudson River Photographer.


The couple and the copter!

Golf carts

Photo by Morgan Trinker

Public bus or rent a school bus

Ridin' on the bus

Electric, hybrid, or energy efficient car

Getaway Car


We're big fans of Seattle's Barbie Dream Hearse!

Trolly or street car


Hollywood vehicle

Amanda & Jeff borrowed a replica 1960s batmobile for their getaway car. Photo by Celestial Photography

Farm equipment



Our getaway car was a skateboard!

Now, I know y'all have many more and even greater transportation options — so leave 'em in the comments!

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Comments on Make your getaway in style with these outrageous wedding transportation options

  1. I’ve been thinking about using my dad’s 1907 REO 4 passanger roadster. It’s seafoam green so it would go with my baby blue color scheme great! Only problem is that the car isn’t working and is in peaces right now.

  2. My cousin and her new man made their get away in an ambulance after her high heel broke causing her to break an ankle!

  3. Pristine white ’65 Corvette Stingray convertible here. It used to live in the Corvette museum but now belongs to my father-in-law. I’m going to have to change into my reception dress before I leave the ceremony venue because my 7ft tulle train won’t fit in the car! Last I checked there were 3 boats living in storage too so we could also have a wedding armada if we played our cards right.

  4. VESPAS!

    I wanted to rent rainbow-coloured Vespas for the whole wedding party…but logistically it didn’t work out because of getting to photo locations (there were 4), then to the pub, and then to the reception site. It would’ve looked so awesome though.

    My other top choice was to rent a vintage VW Van. But I couldn’t find one in my city for rent.

    So instead we rented a limo (we got a free upgrade too), and that worked out amazingly…even though it wasn’t my first choice.

  5. Since we’re both Ford mustang enthusiasts, we’re thinking of getting away in my fiance’s 1997 Bright Atlantic Blue Ford cobra. Kinda neat, we restored it from the ground up (virtually everything on it was destroyed when he bought it).

    It’s soooooooo loud! We can’t hold conversations in it… lol But, it’s sexy & fast so it works.

    Here’s a pic of it:

  6. We considered walking, since everything was relatively nearby. The train of my dress negated this option for us, but it could work for someone with comfy wedding shoes and a shorter dress.

    • This would have been what we did, since the venue is less than a block away from the after-party, we’ve thought about getting all our friends out there to line the sidewalk and light sparklers instead of throwing rice, as we walk past the building in between our wedding and our dance party…

      But then my friend Tim built a bike rickshaw, so that’s about the sweetest thing ever.

      • Innit though? My grandfather bought it brand new back in the day and just finished restoring it a few years ago. It’s faithfully driven many Aufdermaurs from the church to the Swiss Hall on their wedding days.

  7. I was in a wedding party and the bride and groom rented a trolley. It was CHEAPER than a limo, way bigger, more unique, and made for great photos. Look into it!

  8. As our two venues are close to one another, we’ll be walking. I’ll be bringing my converse to change into. We quite like the idea of making it into a parade with our wedding party carrying banners, waving flags and banging drums as we go down the street! It would be great to ride down the street on a parade float but I’m pretty sure we’d never get permission!
    I also love the idea of the whole wedding party waiting at a bus stop and boarding a public bus.

  9. It’s not our ‘getaway’ transport, but we’re taking our guests from the ceremony to the reception on canal boats! (after parading through the town to get to the canal, of course!) 🙂

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