Having wedding timing anxiety? Here’s how your phone can help

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how i hacked my timing anxiety
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Over on Offbeat Home I'm confessing some of my secrets… I have severe timing anxiety. Nothing stresses me out more than the idea of running late or accidentally missing appointments or parties.

Me, myself, and my timing anxiety...
Me, myself, and my timing anxiety…

From the post:

Know this about me…

If you invite me over to your house at 8 p.m., I'm out front of your place at 7:45, sitting in my car, checking emails and Instagram, listening to music, and watching the clock until EXACTLY 8 p.m., when I walk to your door.

You shouldn't know this — but Imma lay it on you anyway — I've also been obsessively looking at the clock since, well, I woke up that morning. Then around 6 p.m., I'm getting ready. When I'm fully dressed and ready at 6:30, I'm obsessively checking the Waze app to see how long it will take me to get your place. What about now? Aaaaaaand now? Okay, what if I left now? Oh, I'll get there at 7:30? Well, it'll take me a few minutes to grab my purse and walk down the stairs, so I should probably leave NOW.

Now, what is wedding planning if it's not a calendar full of appointments and parties?

We've talked about anxiety attacks on the day of your wedding, and dress shopping-induced anxiety. But if you have timing anxiety like I do, you might want to head over here to read the rest of the post and find out how I use my iPhone to hack the shit out of my anxieties. And you can too!

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