Fancy flip-flops for your summer wedding

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Summer wedding on the lawn. Or on a beach. Or in the desert. You don't want to wear point high heels because, well, that shit's gonna sink into the ground and trip you up. You want something comfortable. You want something fancy. You want something between your toes. You want FORMAL FLIP-FLIPS.

That's right: you want to get married in a pair of thongs. And, once again, I am here to drool over some shoes with you. As always, my taste is probably not the same as your taste. But if you're into sparkly flip-flops with owls, dragonflies, and peace signs (!), come with me….

As always, click the photo to see more info about the shoes.

Stuart Weitzman - Labamba (Fuchsia Satin) - Footwear

Donald J Pliner - Violeta (Gold Distress Metallic) - Footwear

Unisa - Dori (Turquoise Patent PU) - Footwear

GUESS - Palery (Gold) - Footwear

Gwyneth - Anna (Fuchsia) - Footwear

J. Renee - Hoot (Pewter/Clear) - Footwear

Tapeet by Vicini - Y90080 (Stella Iride Blue) - Footwear

Stuart Weitzman - Carnival (Clear Jelly) - Footwear

Dezario - Pearl (Silver) - Footwear

Born - Water Lily (Bianco Lamb) - Footwear

Luichiny - Tinky Tink (Red) - Footwear

Nine West - Demask (White Leather) - Footwear

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Comments on Fancy flip-flops for your summer wedding

  1. Normally, Ariel, I am not with you in your taste of shoes… but man, those butterfly flip-flops are cool!!!
    We really wanted to get married in flipflops, but postponend and are now getting married in October, so I’m not sure whether I can actually have these. But I want to!

  2. Those dragonfly sandals just made me die. I would buy them and just display them. I am obsessed with dragonflies. Seriously…I have a dragonfly tattoo that takes up my entire back, and I’m a big girl so that’s a big dragonfly! Not too mention the 7 other dragonfly tattoos…

  3. I currently on the hunt for blingy flip-flops for my outdoor-in-a-field wedding in July. I love the dragonflys and the turquoise baubley ones just might be the ticket. Thanks for feeding the shoe habit!

  4. This coming from a girl who’s not normally into shoes: OMG owls and dragonflies! In BEADS and BLING! Thanks for the links, I may need to get these even though I’m already married 😉

  5. As a matter of fact I am into sparkly flip flops with owls!! These are perfect and I must have them for my wedding day!! Thank you so much!!

  6. love love LOVE the dragonflies!! 😮 absolutely gorgeous!! <3 if only it wasn't so cold when i'm having my wedding, haha. i may suffer through it and wear them anyway XD

  7. When I click on the shoes, the links are not working. 🙁 I am thinking maybe Zappos sold out of the shoes shown.

    • This post is almost a year old, so that’s likely. Shoe styles will come and go, and the styles available last summer may not be available this spring.

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