Copy and paste wedding Thank You note templates (with real registry items) to help get you started

Copy and paste wedding Thank You notes (with real registry items) to help get you started
Fun thank you cards

I'm having a blast writing all our Thank You cards after our wedding. It's weird, I know! But I've always been good at writing Thank Yous in a way that feels fun. But more-often-than-not Thank You card-writing is seen as a tedious task. And not everyone is good at writing out their feels.

So I thought I'd help you cheat a little with some wedding Thank You note templates. (Illustrated with the real gifts from our registry.) So feel free to copy and paste these Thank Yous, and add any of these items to your registry, then make them all your own…

Copy and paste wedding Thank You notes (with real registry items) to help get you started
Marble and Wood Cheese Board

We can’t wait to Instagram the hell out of your very generous wedding gifts. (I mean… you basically chose the most ‘grammable items. You know us so well.)

[A cheese plate] #dinneriscoming and it's going to look gorgeous, thanks to you.

Copy and paste wedding Thank You notes (with real registry items) to help get you started
Granite mortar and pestle

Thank you so much for our awesome new [mortar and pestle]! We’re gonna [crush so much stuff in that thing], and it’s going to be so satisfying. I’m kind of obsessed with them. So thank you for gifting us something that’s going to bring us so much joy for so many years.

Copy and paste wedding Thank You notes (with real registry items) to help get you started
Joseph Joseph 9 Piece Nesting Bowls Set

Thank you for our [nesting bowl set] — it’s kind of a magical item, and I don’t what I did without it in my life. While we missed you so much at the wedding, a little part of you will now live in our kitchen (and our hearts… er… stomachs?) forever.

Copy and paste wedding Thank You notes (with real registry items) to help get you started
Petwant SmartFeeder

Thank you for our [robot pet feeder]! We used it IMMEDIATELY to go out-of-town and take a much-needed weekend of rest after all the wedding festivities. Knowing that [our cat was being fed (and being able to see him eat!)] fully helped us relax as much as possible.

Villeroy & Boch Ovid 12 Piece Stemware in a Boxed Set

Hey guys, thank you so much for you gifts of our [wine glasses]! Now that we have so much left over wine from the wedding, we are MORE than ready to put them to some good (and heavy) usage. That was extreeeeemely generous of you. Hopefully you can come over soon and help us use those glasses too.

Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

Hey guys! Thank you so much for your gift of our [Instant Pot]. We’ve already used it a lot more than you’d probably have expected from us. And It’s kind of embarrassing how much joy that thing brings me.

But don’t worry, we’ll never love our new pressure cooker as much we love you.

LSA International Pyramid Double Old Fashioned Tumbler

Thank you so much for the awesome gift of [whiskey glasses]. We’ve been using and enjoying hell out of them a lot. (No judgies.) Hopefully we’ll have you guys over soon to enjoy them with us, and we can cheers to your awesome friendship.

Mid-century nightstand from West Elm

Are you kidding me? You gave us the gift of [our bedside table]!? (Which is also the gift of one of us not rolling their eyes every time they see the [old ugly bedside table that it replaced] in our bedroom.)

That was so sweet and generous of you guys. Thank you both so much!

Gorham Studio 5-Piece Stainless Flatware Set

While we may not actually cook food in our kitchen (yet), we DO often eat at home… on [lovely silverware]… that we have a complete set of… thanks to you guys! Thank you both so much for your generous gift. At some point we should have you over to enjoy our new kick-ass silverware with us. (It’ll probably be over take-out though.)

Villeroy & Boch Artesano Bowl

Thank you so much for the gift of that awesome [giant bowl]! Is is weird to find a [bowl] sexy? We don’t know, but we do know that we’re very appreciative of the gift. We wish we could party with you at our wedding, but we’ll think lovingly of you every time we make [make salad].

Calphalon 10 Piece Classic Nonstick Cookware Set in Grey

You should have seen our faces when your giant box arrived and we opened to see [our entire set of pots and pans]. Thank you so much for helping us start our kitchen, and our lives as newlyweds who can actually cook things in their own home! That gift was incredibly generous and will make such a big impact for years to come.

Weber Spirit natural gas grill

Wow you guys! What an incredibly generous [donation] for the start of our new life together. We’ve decided to put it towards our [barbecue grill]. So, clearly, the next time you’re in LA you’re welcome to come over and we’ll [make something for you. (Um… once we learn how to barbecue.)]

We’re thankful to have such awesome [friends of family members] being so thoughtful. Thank you so much, and hopefully we’ll all see each other sooner than later.

  1. Here was my go-to for people who gave us money, but whom we didn't know particularly well and thus couldn't customize too much. (Think: friends-of-parents, distant relatives, etc.)

    "Dear [name of person I don't know well], Thank you so much for joining us at our wedding. It was great to see so many friends and family members gathered together to celebrate with us on our special day. Thanks for being among them! Thank you also for your generous gift. It will be a big help to us as we begin our married lives together and embark on our next great adventures. Hopefully we will be able to celebrate many more simchas together for years to come! Hugs, [Me and Spouse]"

  2. Bookmarking for when gifts start to roll in! This was inspiring! Plus now I'm coveting your cheese board 😉

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