Hilarious video about the “wedding tax” on wedding flowers

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This cracked me up — except for the part at the end where the bride growls “I WANT WEDDING FLOWERS.” Fuck that stereotypical shit.

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Comments on Hilarious video about the “wedding tax” on wedding flowers

  1. Hilarious! Totally agree with you about the comment at the end though! Kinda ruins it.

    I’m actually in the process of shopping for my wedding dress, and I’ve been quoted much cheaper prices when I’ve asked for the same dress but told the shop I’m a bridesmaid… I’m wearing a short one and most styles come in a wide range of colours! Top tip!

  2. It’s similar for everything you run into. If you’re looking for cupcakes or something alternative to a wedding cake some people explain it’s for a retirement party – that way they don’t get overcharged because it’s a “wedding.”

  3. I’ve read this advice (about saying it’s for something else) in several places, but I’ve had some trouble following it. For one thing, I’m the worst liar. For another, I think many vendors are “on” to the whole say-it’s-for-something-else thing. For example, I went to a bakery and asked if they could do large numbers of cupcakes:

    Me: I have a special occasion coming up, and I was wondering if you can do, say, 100 cupcakes.

    Bakery Lady: Is it for a wedding?

    Me: It’s just a party.

    Bakery Lady: Well, yes, we can do that. If it’s for a wedding, for example, we can do different decorations… etc.

    Luckily, the price was great anyway, but I could not convince this lady it wasn’t for a wedding. 🙂 Maybe it’s just because I should have said a particular event (like a retirement party), but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it somehow. Sigh.

  4. Love it! That was pretty funny! I am sure this happens often. Although wedding flowers, cakes, photos are much more time consuming and are given SPECIAL attention by most vendors (hence it may cost a little more) I think you really have to pick and choose which vendors you lie to. If the details are important for your wedding day then I think you should be upfront with your vendors. If you don’t really care too much about the details, then pinocchio away…

  5. I’m glad I’m having my wedding on Halloween, which offers up the perfect reason for the party. I plan on lying my butt off to vendors. Fortunately though, most of my wedding is DIY including the Decorate-your-own-cupcake bar.

  6. Rachel, I thought I made up that idea! Awesome! Some people have been trying to convince me that it’s too much mess and bother, but I’m adamant.

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