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My fiancé and I are looking to have an informalish wedding and don't want anyone to have to wear a tux. We both think suits/sports coats/tweed jackets would be more appropriate for the groom and his men. But we also don't want the groom's men to have to dish out for new suits. I don't know if I'm comfortable with four men putting together an outfit on their own, even with guidelines. I'm not obsessed with them being 100% matchy, but I would like them to wear something coordinated, clean, and pressed. What other affordable options are there for men not renting tuxes? -Angela

Oh, we got lotsa options! Here's a little non-tux inspiration for you… full of sweaters, vests, suspenders, and TONS of other non-tuxedo groomsmen attire.

the fellas

the hotness

Alex (as John Lennon?) and his groomsmen/girl


The Men




Oh and PS: You can find lots more non-tux ideas here.

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Comments on Non-tux attire for groomsmen

  1. Finally! I am so happy to have pictures of cute boys wearing informal formal-wear.

    The man is donning the jacket and jeans himself and I am so glad to see a picture of this as an example! I thought I was the only one. Now I know JUST how cute he’ll look on our day.

    Ariel, you never fail.

    P.S. If I thought for one second that he would take me seriously, I would totally suggest to my guy the sweater and cap look. So freakin’ sharp! But alas, I’m having a hard time convincing him that steel-toed boots aren’t totally appropriate/functional on the beach.

  2. We went through this same dilemma, and eventually found navy chinos and khaki jackets on (which totally caught us by surprise). They are going to wear white button ups and my fiance is giving them their ties as a gift (we are coordinating the ties based on color palette and not exactly matching the patterns). For the jacket and pants we are asking them to shell out $120…Less than a tux rental and they get clothes they’ll wear again out of the deal.

  3. Thank you! We’re torn between jeans or shorts for the boys. This will help in convincing my guy that he’s not the only groom that isn’t wearing a tux. He’d look ridiculous in a tie – I don’t want to put him through something like that!

  4. My fiancee and I are having a casual, outdoor wedding in May. He’s the only one wearing a suit, for the same reasons you listed. We told the groomsmen/bridedude to just get a yellow short-sleeved polo shirt and wear grey pants. Done and done. They’ll wear the pants again and they’ll be cheap, and they can get the shirts at inexpensive retailers no problem.

  5. We had a casual outdoor wedding, with the groom wearing a great linen suit with no tie. We told the groomsmen to wear non-matching pastel shirts and khaki pants, and I think it looks very charming. Being nerds, they got all excited and decided to wear the colors of the Triforce.

  6. Kilts! Not just the traditional plaid ones, but canvas and leather ones are fanTAStic and uber hot (utilikits, my loves!).

    we didn’t have any attendants but my husband wore a vest to our reception and i thought it was an awesome (and sexy!) choice. they can be difficult to find (though they are coming back in style) but are inexpensive and look great on all body types.

  8. So i love that first pic! I am gonna show it to Clint but i am not sure he will go for it.. I can just picture it. Clint’s and his friend in jeans with white untucked shirts with loosen ties (Clint in black and purple striped and the guys in solid purple) black blazers and black converse high tops!…. that would be so amazing!

    gotta convince him! it would so fit our casual summer wedding!

  9. Our groomsmen are all wearing black mocker utilikilts, black dress shirts, red ties and black combat boots.

  10. Vests are my favorite of the options given. Simple, classy yet casual, and it’s possible to coordinate by similar colors or styles.

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