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Download Offbeat Bride's Digital Wedding Binder: Our Super-Inclusive Wedding Planning Spreadsheets + Checklist

Our deeply customizable wedding planning spreadsheets help you create your perfect online wedding binder. Unlike many wedding planning resources, we aim for inclusivity — we avoid gender-normative language, and are here to support real people planning authentic, non-fakey weddings. At Offbeat Bride, we've been helping nontraditional folks with their wedding planning since 2007, and our spreadsheet templates and wedding checklist have helped tens of thousands of couples plan their DIY weddings.


Offbeat Bride wedding planning spreadsheets

The Offbeat Bride Wedding Binder digital download bundle includes 10 fully editable spreadsheets…

  • Wedding Day-of Timeline: where to be and when
  • Wedding Guest List: who will be there and what will they require
  • Wedding Budget Calculator: how much will all this stuff cost?!
  • Hotel Block comparison: Manage your hotel blocks and compare features and pricing
  • Comprehensive Venue Comparison: all the logistics to decide on the all-important venue
  • Wedding Seating Chart: who to lift and separate
  • Wedding Vendor Contacts: a list to pass off to those in the know
  • A Who to Call List: the actual people in the know!
  • Wedding Packing List: what stuff to bring and who's bringing it
  • Photography Shot List: what photos you'll want to remember the day

Download our binder and start using our spreadsheets in Excel or Google Sheets immediately!

…Plus, our infamous Offbeat Bride Wedding Planning Checklist!

Our Offbeat Bride Wedding Planning Checklist has been used by literally THOUSANDS of couples since 2007. Newly updated and more inclusive than ever, it's the time-tested checklist for nontraditional folks planning their badass weddings. Don't take it from us though…

TESTIMONIAL: This offbeat bride spreadsheets were great to use -- it's so overwhelming when you start planning! There's so many details you don't even think about, so they really helped with that. I spent hours and hours on the seating chart spreadsheet, trying to figure out how to best place people. Also the example table names included in the spreadsheet were adorable!

The Offbeat Bride spreadsheets are well worth the money! I wouldn't be nearly as organized without them. My favorite functions are the to-do list and the budgeting section. They have saved me so much time, since everything is all set with the formulas.




TESTIMONIAL: Use the Offbeat Bride Spreadsheets! They saved our sanity and we continued to use them after the wedding as we sent out our Thank You cards and checked over our budget. You can customize them to your needs and they make sure you don't crash and burn in the wedding planning process.

TESTIMONIAL: We used the offbeat bride spreadsheets and checklist to create the longest to-do list ever. Because we had these tools, we had almost nothing to do for the last two weeks before the wedding but take care of ourselves!


Here's what our 10 editable wedding planning spreadsheet bundle includes:

Can't afford a professional wedding planner? Our wedding planning spreadsheets will help you plan a perfect wedding, regardless.

Wedding planning spreadsheet #1: Day-of Timeline

This is a timeline of all the activities you'll need to accomplish and when on your wedding day. This is highly customizable to your day, so feel free to change up the times and activities to suit your needs. Add in your own details such as lawn games, extra photos, etc. It's your jam! Feel free to duplicate the sheet for a multi-day wedding, too.


Wedding planning spreadsheet #2: Guest List

Keep track of your number of guests, their contact information, their RSVPs, whether you've sent their invitation, what meal they'd like, and more! This helps you keep your final guestlist organized. TIP: The invitation number means that you'll mark each invitation with a number (some choose to use ink that only shows under UV light (fancy!). This allows you to find out who sent in the invite if they forget to include their name. You'd be surprised how often this happens.


Wedding planning checklist #3: Wedding Budget Spreadsheet Calculator

This comprehensive wedding budget calculator will keep track of both your estimated and actual expenses as you plan your budget. Again, this budget tracker is highly customizable. We list all your potential expenses, but just because something is listed doesn't mean you have to include it. Add and remove at your discretion. This is a great way to track fees, deposits, and discounts — let our formulas keep track of it for you!


Wedding planning checklist #4: Hotel Block Comparison

Here's where you can list potential hotel options for guests, compare features like closed or open blocks, pricing, free breakfast, free wifi, parking situations, etc. This is especially critical in larger cities and when there's another event competing for hotel rooms in your city.


Wedding planning checklist #5: Venue Comparison Chart

This chart will allow you to compare venues, venue pricing, capacity, what's included, and loads of other information to help you choose a venue. You can even add photos to remind you what each place looks like.


Wedding planning checklist #6: Seating Chart

Here's where you can manage your table plan and decide who sits where (unless you're going with open seating). Whether you'll be sitting with your partner at a sweetheart table or a big head table, you can organize it all here. We even included some fake table names for fun. Keep your table allocations organized!


Wedding planning checklist #7: Vendor Contact List

This sheet will keep track of all of your vendors, their payment status, when they'll arrive, and more.


Wedding planning checklist #8: Who To Call List

Here's the document you'll want to provide to anyone who may need help on the wedding day and days leading up to it. Trust us, you don't want everyone calling you for help. Include your planner, if you have one, and any key wedding party and family members who can direct guests to their appropriate destinations and answer questions.


Wedding planning checklist #9: Wedding Packing List

This document can be a lifesaver for delegating the moving of items to and from the places they need to be. Include everything from outfits and accessories to decor and gifts, and who will be in charge of each.


Wedding planning checklist #10: Photography Shot List

This totally optional list can help you communicate to your photographer (and wedding planning, if applicable) what photos you definitely want to have taken (or not included!). You don't want to forget the important shots or people on the day-of.


Need more wedding planning basics to get you started?

In addition to wedding spreadsheets, we've got tons of basic wedding planning resources at your fingertips. We've got wedding budget advice, reception ideas, suppliers, entertainment inspiration, wedding day schedule advice, wedding invitation wording tips, planning your ceremony, vendor advice, dealing with family issues, how to find a dress, where to find venues, and even more. If you're worried about it, we've covered it.

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