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Did you know that “spats” was originally a shortened version of “spatterdashes?” That is a neat word and a fun fashion detail that we sometimes see in our steampunk, Victorian, and fancier weddings. Recently we saw Nicole, an Alice in Wonderland bride, embrace the style with the spat-like booties above.

I personally think spats are less Scrooge McDuck and more the Sixth Doctor. Spats, gaiters, and spat-style shoes are totally something to consider for your wedding outfit. Check out some of our favorites.

I found these amazing contrast gaiters at Britex Fabrics. They are made by Dark Garden.

If you're jonesing for a Victorian look like Nicole had, you can't go wrong with this style (or an even sexier version).

Here is a groom/dapper bride's version of the spat-style bootie.

These vintage WWII-era gaiters could be amazing for a steampunk, goth, or any leather-centric subsculture wedding.

Peacock velvet?! So purty.

This yellow and green set is one of my favorite color combinations, all in one little shoe covering.

These romantic art spats are made from vintage textiles by DeviantArt user MaidesTreasures.

WHAT. These silver-lined “cyber spats” are far out.

Urban Threads and Laupre have sewing patterns if you're game to DIY a set of these bad boys. Is anyone planning some shoe decor at their wedding?

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    • Sweet those are the shoes I was going to buy! And then I came down and realized that I couldn’t walk in 4 inch heals, let alone do an all day plus dancing in them.
      I’ve got a pair of low-healed boots that I’m actually going to make black laced spat-like covers for.

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