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April 23 2010 | offbeatbride
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It's funny, because in my wedding shoe posts, I feature a lot of heels. And I LOVE heels — but can hardly walk in 'em. So I figured it was high time to feature some low heels.

But of course, they can't just be flats. They must be LOUD FLATS. So I wrastled up a few of my favorite wedding flats with big ol' bows on the front — including one pair of Vivienne Westwood wedding boots that I am DYING to see some Pacific Northwest or UK bride wear at their rainy wedding.

…Cuz really: who needs heels when you've got a party on your toes?

As always, click the image to learn more about the shoe. And if you can't see the shoes, try disabling your ad blocker for a second.

Paul Smith - S9LP-C652 (Pink/Blue) - Footwear

Pleaser USA - Punk-14 (Black PU) - Footwear

Gabriella Rocha - Ady (Nude Leather) - Footwear

Camper - Twins - 20980 (Pink Suede-Like Leather) - Footwear

JUMP - Ghost Shoe (White) - Footwear

Marc by Marc Jacobs - 605113 (Hair Calf Red/Hair Calf Pink) - Footwear

Vivienne Westwood - Anglomania + Melissa Ultra Flat (Black) - Footwear

AK Anne Klein - Nifty (Red/Pink Floral Print) - Footwear

Marc by Marc Jacobs - 693156 (Belb Lame Patent) - Footwear

DV by Dolce Vita - Flora (Dark Teal) - Footwear

Draven - Monster Flat (Turquoise/Black) - Footwear

Kate Spade - Fiona (Pink Satin / Orange Satin Bow) - Footwear

Paul Smith - S9LP-C656 (Natural/Yellow) - Footwear

Pleaser USA - Mouse-16 (Red Patent/White Polka Dots) - Footwear

Vivienne Westwood - Anglomania + Ankle Boot (Gray) - Footwear

Bloch - Savoy Bow (Storm) - Footwear

Report - Halle (Blue) - Footwear

Jean Paul Gaultier - GA10910C0PF20 (Fuchsia) - Footwear

  1. Yay flats! As someone who can't manage heels, I've been waiting for this post. I'm rocking a pair of rainbow plaid ballet flats that came from the clearance section of some jumbo warehouse shoestore. By sheer luck, they even match my bouquet (but I would wear the pink ones with the ankle ribbon in a second).

  2. I already have heels to wear during the ceremony, but I just fell madly in love with the Jean Paul Gaultier ankle-wrap flats AND the Kate Spade gift bow thingees…there goes my next paycheck. Damn it.

  3. YES! More flats, please! Some of us ladies wouldn't like to tower over their FHs! Or spend the day in pain. I love the way heels look, but when it comes to wearing them, no more love.

    1 agrees
  4. I am already in love with the Demonia Skull Flats, they sell on ebay for $30-40 and they are my top pick for wedding shoes! Great job Ariel, these are all adorable!

  5. i had the draven monster flats but had to give them away… they were super tight in the toes, which is odd for draven shoes… sigh.

  6. yaaayy!!! i love looking at shoes but when it comes to actually them its a different story. im going barefoot for my wedding and bringing a sparkly pair of flip flops for the outdoor pics. (dont want to step on any bees! ouch!)

  7. I love flats, I'm wearing a light gold pair for my wedding.
    Warning about the Pleaser USA shoes though, I have the mouse flats and they aren't very comfortable. They're made of a pretty hard material that hurt my feet a lot. If you're going to go with that brand make sure you give yourself pleanty of time to break them in.

  8. I'm wearing flats for our wedding day too!!! I can't wear high heels w/o falling flat on my face or ass…I also want to be comfortable and not worrying about falling in front of all our guests! I bought some Betsey Johnson flats that are sparkly blue!!! I LOVE THEM!!! (It's my something blue!=])

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