Dance Instead of Walking HeelI'm a firm believer that shoes are one of the rare apparel items where you frequently get what you pay for. For my own feet, I've chosen to prioritize shoes that are built to last (meaning they're solidly constructed and can be resoled)… but the downside is that they're often higher cost.

The reality when you're looking for wedding shoes is that sometimes you really are just looking for shoes to wear on this one day. Maybe you get a few more wears out of them before the pleather splits and the seams unravel, but you don't need forever shoes. For you, my lower-budget friends, this post is going to make your day, because it's packed full of colorful, slightly dangerous wedding shoes, all under $40. (Keep in mind that many of them are on sale, so by the time you click… they may be gone!)

Random bonus shoe

SHSN Ribcage - Silver

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Comments on 19 amazing wedding shoes under $40

  1. I am so loving everything teal right now. The second to last soft mint is very eye-catching, also.

    Plus, the skeleton shoe is just plain awesome.

  2. Always always include a variety of heel heights in articles about shoes! Some of us have found the perfect match in height as well as temperament and personality.

  3. I’m a total plain Jane and was going to buy my shoes at Payless or someplace similar. One of my bridesmaids totally flipped (lovingly) and said she wouldn’t let me do that (she *does* work in the industry, so I found that fair).

    I had fun showing her the shoes I got on clearance at Aldo for $10. 🙂

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