Wedding shoes in wide widths and wonderful colors

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Today I'm here to round up some awesome shoes for my wide-footed ladies. These are wedding shoes that come in “WW” widths, but still look sassy and faboooo, dahlinks. We're talking funky, colorful formal-ish shoes in bold shades and widths ranging from W to WW to EEE. Also, now might be a good time to remind y'all that if YOU have an idea for an Offbeat Bride shoe post (especially special needs feet: small, narrow, wide, orthopedic, whatever!), you can totally submit a guestpost! Just leave a comment with your idea.

wide wedding shoes on offbeat bride




soft style aubrey


Annie Double Bow (Red) Women's Sling Back Shoes

David Tate Grace (Natural/Black Patent) Women's Sling Back Shoes

shoes of prey wide widths










Random bonus shoe


Comments on Wedding shoes in wide widths and wonderful colors

  1. Beautiful! I didn’t know shoes could come in different widths! My feet rejoice!


    i got those shoes ^^ in blue for my wedding. i have super wide feet and a freaking bunion on the pinkie side of my left foot and struggle with plantar fasciitis. basically – my feet hate me and i usually can’t wear any heels at all. the ginger not only fits, but looks super cute and is mega comfy. and they come in a bazillion colors. so that’s my addition to the “wide feet” discussion! 🙂

    • I think we are foot twins, down to the left pinky toe bunion!! Thanks for posting that link, those shoes are adorable!

  3. Have you ever done a ‘hidden features’ shoe post? Like those ones that have something hiding in or on the heel or under your feet, that you can’t see from every angle?

  4. i’m not getting married any time soon (I just love weddings) but am seriously lusting after the first pair of shoes. Perfect for dancing. I checked the link but they are not there 🙁

    • I do my best to make sure that shoes are available when the post goes up… But sometimes styles go out of stock shortly after my posts. I think because Offbeat Brides snap em all up!

  5. Yeah, I’m going to have to get myself a pair of those pink Joe Browns. Maybe in black, as well.

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