Wedding shoes in small sizes for our friends with little feet

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wedding shoes in small sizes on offbeat bride

I’ve done puh-lenty of posts for our femmey friends with larger feet, but what about y’all on the other end of the spectrum? I’m talking about you bride-types with feet so small that it’s hard to find grown-up shoes in your size. I mean, some of us might LOVE getting married in these Stella McCartney rainbow sandals (yes, that is me raising my hand right now), but not all of us.

Today I’m going to dip my ol’ size 9 toe into the world of wedding shoes in small sizes… that still feel like they were meant for a grown-ass person. These are all available in sizes 4-5, and as always with my shoe round-ups, lots of them are bright and bold colors. About half are from Nordstrom (known for higher prices/great customer service), and half are from Alibaba (dirt cheap, but low quality).

shoes of prey on offbeat bride


small red wedding shoes on offbeat bride


gold sparkly shoes in small sizes on offbeat bride


blue shoes in small sizes on offbeat bride


louboutins in small sizes on offbeat bride


zebra heel on offbeat bride


zebra print shoes in small sizes on offbeat bride


small gold shoes on offbeat bride


gold bridal shoes in tiny sizes on offbeat bride

sparkly silver shoes in small sizes on offbeat bride


brogue platform pump on offbeat bride

silver slingback on offbeat bride

Random bonus shoes!

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Comments on Wedding shoes in small sizes for our friends with little feet

  1. Geez, that’s my problem! I’m a 5 1/2 – 6 1/2 (depends on the shoe) and it’s not so easy to find fancy heels in that size. What it makes even harder, is that my little feet look outright TINY in high heels. For my wedding shoes I went with pretty small heels a) for coziness and b) so my feet doesn’t look tinier than neccesary.

  2. That second pair. I’m…I…oh god, why can’t I afford these right now?!?!!? Or ever really. *weeps*

  3. I wear a size 5 shoe & am always grateful for these types of round-ups.

    It’s not so bad when you are shopping vintage, but is terrible if you just want to walk into a department store & buy a pair of black heels for work. I have yet to find a place in the mall that carries my size. (Maybe Ladies Foot Locker?)

    But I will say I’ve had really good luck ordering grownup shoes online from Aldo or Jessica Simpson. The prices are reasonable (for my budget), the quality is pretty solid, and the styles are solidly ‘adult’.

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