The 5 most comfy wedding shoes for brides with chronic pain — or anyone!

Guest post by Meara O’Space
Bridal party Converse by Lemonade Photography

Are you planning a wedding? Congratulations! Are you planning a wedding and have chronic pain? The shoe is the most important part of your day, followed by the dress because of comfort. If your feet aren't walking on clouds, then you will be in excruciating pain. I tried to wear Adrianna Papell kitten heels for my ceremony and went total bridezilla by the time the reception rolled around because I was in so much pain.

My first suggestion for brides with chronic pain? Don't even think about kitten heels!

This list is in descending order, with the best, or most comfortable, being first, to least comfortable, being last.

1.Crocs Women's Flat Sandal in Oyster

2.Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

Everyone knows the popularity of Converse in weddings. It's more than about hipsters – they're comfortable for your big day! These converse are extremely bridal and almost look lace-like with perforated stars. Delicate and a little rock-and-roll, the best of both worlds for a bride with chronic illness.

3.Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Sneaker

A dressed-down, lower profile version of the shoe above, these Converse Chuck Taylors are great for brides with edemas or swelling. A high top shoe can make it difficult to get your foot out of the wedding shoe if your legs and feet are swollen.

4.Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor Hi Top Sneaker

This one's my favorite shoe of all time, my dream shoe, the shoe that would have been my wedding shoe if I could have found it in time. This shoe, this beautiful, comfy shoe, is for my LGBTQ+ brides and grooms, my chronic illness brides who love rainbows all over the spectrum, and brides who want a little color under their dress. You just want to have color and love comfort for this to be your wedding shoe.

5.Adrianna Papell Women's Tonya Ballet Flat

When it comes to wedding shoes, brides love Adrianna Papell because of her delicate, fairytale designs. She even has Cinderella-like shoes to go with her theme. However, when you suffer from chronic pain, I don't recommend harsh, firm plastic to encapsulate your feet in for a day. There is only one shoe by Adrianna Papell that I can recommend for a bride with chronic pain, and it is this one. It only covers your toe and heel, giving room for foot swelling, and is flat, allowing yourself to be free of the pain any kind of heel gives you, the bride.

Don't put yourself through any kind of pain just to be pretty for one day of your life! It's better to enjoy it!

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  1. I have problems with swelling of my legs for my wedding I wore Converse AllStar sneakers and I danced all night and I was very comfortable. Purely to share my experience. Good post as always. 😀

  2. Thank you for covering this topic! I see so many wedding posts/blogs that completely forget the disabled community. One thing I will mention though is that while flat soles seem like the ideal replacement for those of us with chronic health conditions it can actually be just as bad. Depending on the person sometimes a low heel is better than none. I have hypermobile EDS and a flat heel causes me too much pain, so I opt for a low/gentle heel which gives me support without being too high.

  3. Thanks for your point of view! I’m thinking about multiple situations all the time. I see so many wedding articles that ignore the disabled people absolutely. but  I really like your post.

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