Wedding flats for brides who hate heels [UPDATED for 2022!]

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How cute are these custom bridal flats?!

Another week for me to geek out on wedding shoes!

Last week, I heard from several readers who were like, “Yeah sure cute — but what about those of us who want to wear flats?” While I make a point to include flats in every batch of shoes I feature, because as someone who can't walk in a heel over 2 inches, I got nothing but love for the ladies who want to rock the flats on their wedding day.

And so, without further ado, here's my collection of lovely low heeled wedding flats that will make you feel 10 feet tall.

Just click the picture to learn more!

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  1. My wonderful partner and I started dating when I was 15. For my sixteenth birthday, he got me a pair of pink low top chuck taylor's. Six years later I still have those shoes and although they have been through a lot, I plan on wearing them for our wedding. Part of it is nostalgia and part of it is convenience. I love heels but have no talent for walking in them plus I can save money on shoes. 😉

      • I wish I still wore the same size as when I was 15! My feet were not so huge then…:p

    • That is FANTASTIC!!! MY dearest friend passed away several years ago and she was known for incorporating red shoes into just about every outfit… Needless to say, I will be rocking some gorgeous red shoes and have my friend with me every step of the way.

  2. I'll be 25 in 3 days and still can't walk in heels. I only have one pair of them but have never worn them. Not to mention, my boyfriend doesn't like me to wear heels because it will make me as tall or taller than he is! 🙂

  3. Mt crew convinced me I need to wear heels, and I'm pretty sure it'll result in a broken ankle. Wish I'd gone this route, although none of these really match my lime-green dress…

  4. I'm 5'11", and I definitely appreciate this post, since I'm so much taller than most of my friends anyway and I'd like them to be more at face- than boob-height.

  5. Thank you soooo much for posting these! I love heels, and am constantly trying to wear them, but my feet and heels just do NOT get along. I'm sure if I try wearing some sexy stilettos at my wedding I'll either break something or have my feet hurting in the first half an hour and have to sit the day out! Not cool, so I'm probably sticking with flats to be safe. These are awesome and have given me some great ideas, thanks!

  6. Oh and imagine if that breaks while having your first dance, that wouldn't be funny.
    maybe I will just stick to flats..

  7. Like I posted on Facebook: I wore flats at my wedding – so they'd be easier to kick off! 😀 I spent 2/3 of the night barefoot anyway…..

    And it turned out to be easier to find gold flats than gold heels. Random.

  8. I love the look of heels but flats are so much more comfortable – and so cute! I'll most likely end up with flats for my wedding day (both for the comfort factor and the fact that I'll get much more wear out of them afterwards than if I bought heels!) though I'm also considering getting a pair of heels since I'm over a foot shorter than my fiance and having an extra couple of inches in some of the pictures may be nice!

  9. I love those silver shoes! I actually like heels, and can walk in them, but spending 4 hours or more in them, mostly on my feet? I don't think so. I'll probably start in heels and switch out later. Lavender heels to silver flats? Hmmm…….

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