Wedding shoes for mah ladies with bigger feet

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I got some comments on a recent shoe post from some readers who were like “Look, Ariel. Mama's got some big feet here. Could you please feature styles that go above a size 10?” To which I say, OH HELL YES!

But first, I offer this tip from a friend of mine who had size 12 feet and shared my taste in loud shoes: get thee to a shoe store catered to drag queens. My friend had the most AMAZING size 12 glittering platforms, and when I gawked at them, she was like “Yeah, they're for drag queens.” Women's shoes for men all start at about a size 12, so you're solid there!

So, aside from the advice to get thee to the geighborhood for some shoe shopping (or at least do some poking around online), I'm also going to share some of my favorite big, loud, and proud shoes below. These are all available in at LEAST a size 11 and most go up to a 14. Many of these designs are by Samanta, which is clearly the larger-footed woman's friend.

As always, click the shoes for more information!

Shannon Britt Women's Jane Pump

Shannon Britt Women's Paula Peep-Toe Pump

J.Renee Women's Cicily Open-Toe Pump

J.Renee Women's Gabrie Open-Toe Pump

Seychelles Women's Spycam Pump

Samanta Women's Mel Pump

Nina Women's Evelixa Peep-Toe Pump

Funtasma by Pleaser Women's Dainty-420 Pump

J.Renee Women's Perla T-Strap Pump

Samanta Women's Rubi T-Strap Pump

Ros Hommerson Women's Monet Flat

Samanta Women's Cathy Platform Pump

Pleaser Women's Seduce-218 Pump

Fitzwell - Vincent (Animal Fabric) - Footwear

J. Renee - Accent (Black Satin/Red Rose Fabric) - Footwear

Trotters - Jamie (White Pearlized Leather) - Footwear

Me Too - Stellina (Royal Blue Satin) - Footwear

J. Renee - Alison (Black/White Fabric) - Footwear

Comments on Wedding shoes for mah ladies with bigger feet

  1. I actually had a topic on the Tribe about this and got a lot of the same advice, even the tip about going to where drag queens go.

    I really love the black pink ones in this post!

  2. I read this headline as “Wedding shoes for man ladies with bigger feet”.

    I was highly dubious about the political correctness of that headline.

  3. Anyone looking for any shoes in extra big fat wide long etc, try torrid!!!! They are amazeballzzzz

  4. Yes! Also, if you shop Zappos you can shop by size, and they have wide widths too. I’m an 11 wide, and have had a lot of luck on Zappos. LOVE the red ones with the cutouts around the side, and the zebra flats.

  5. BLESS YOU. I’m a size 11, and it’s SO frustrating to shop for shoes. At least Fluevogs go up to a ladies 12!

    • Seconding the Fluevogs! And as someone with a wide, wide, wide foot, I really appreciate that though they don’t do widths, many of their shoes run wide. These are the first heels I’ve ever been able to wear for more than 10 minutes without ending up in agony.

      • Okay so I noticed you mention Fluevogs, and I had to ask a real person. DO they really accommodate very wide feet? I have been in love with their designs for years, but I have such a hard time finding shoes that I’m kind of jaded. Designs I like are never wide enough. OR, they only come in sizes like 12. I just a 9 that REALLY freaking wide. *grumbles about inheriting father’s bear-paw shaped feet*

        • I would say, as the gal who could wear a size 10 in length, but wears a size 12 for the width, that Fluevogs aren’t *that* wide… they run a little wider than regular shoes, and they are real leather, so they’ll stretch out a little, but I can’t get into most of their styles.

  6. Thank you so much for this! Most of the time I feel like nobody cares about people with size 11 feet, that we are some kind of freaks who warrant some special sticker in DSW because look, these shoes are a rare find for rare people! We’re people too!

  7. Part of the reason I am wearing chucks to my wedding (aside from super comfy) is because of my size 11s.

  8. “Bigger feet” also means larger widths, wide, extra wide, extra extra wide, I can’t find any cute shoes in my width (extra wide)they all look like granny shoes!

    • As with all things, when in doubt, you can try getting ’em custom made!

      • I’ll get shoes custom-made when I’m as rich as you apparently are. You show you wealth when you suggest things like this, especially knowing, as you should, that many readers of this site are tight on cash and that even budget-weddings are a stretch for many of us. Dropping hundreds on a pair of shoes isn’t going to happen for most of us.

        Also you need to be more forthcoming with why you choose to promote certain companies. I’ve noticed you never promote a company unless you’re an affiliate and will make money off of it. I’ve seem stores that have better varieties of certain items, better quality, for less, but you’re not an affiliate, and so you’ll promote someone else.

        You’re a big part of the WIC, whether or not you will openly admit it. Quit trash-talking the WIC as long as you’re part of it and will make the same expensive suggestions as bridal rags. You should be ashamed of your lack of integrity.

        Consider this a flounce. I’ve lost respect for you and don’t want you to make any more ad revenue off of me.

        • I’m sorry to hear you feel that way. I aim for transparency about how I do business — there’s a note at the top of this very post about the affiliate nature of the products featured. It’s not a secret.

          I’ve written many times over the years about Offbeat Bride being a business — it has been since day 1, when the site was launched as a way to market my book. In fact, I wrote just last week about Offbeat Bride being part of a niche wedding industry. This is all to say, while you certainly don’t have to like the way I do business, please don’t accuse me of trying to hide that this is a business.

          I respect that Offbeat Bride won’t appeal to everyone — and that’s ok. I totally support your decision finding a website that feels like a better fit for you.

    • I have to echo another post about Zappos. They seem to have a LOT of shoes in extra-wide widths that are definitely not granny shoes. And free shipping both ways! 🙂

    • YES THANK YOU. Why doesn’t anyone make adorable shoes in a size 9 extra extra extra wide? (seriously, I had to have my foot x-rayd one time and the tech was like “oh my gosh, I can’t believe how far apart the bones in your foot are!”)

      Also, does anyone know where to get custom shoes made that are interesting and cute? The only ones I seem to be able to find are usually pretty drab.

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