Make your own four-leaf clovers for your St. Patrick's Day wedding

Updated Oct 12 2015
Photo courtesy of Home is Where the Boat Is via Amanda on Pinterest

If you're looking to add a little luck o' the Irish to your March, St. Patrick's Day, or even green-themed wedding, try this little tip for making faux four-leaf clovers. Get yourself some spinach (or any dark green leafy veg) and one of those shamrock-shaped paper punchers. Put them together, and your guests will be wondering where you found all those shamrocks.

Check out the tutorial over at Home is Where the Boat Is.

  1. Hey,
    We are approaching our 1 yr anniversary and I was hoping I could share our St Patrick's wedding with you guys. I'd say it was offbeatish. We have been together for almost 10 years, have a 7 yr old (he walked me down the aisle) had a quick Celtic ceremony outside a historic cabin (I made all the decorations), party in the cabin, homemade Guiness cake..oh and I arrived in my Grand National!
    Here are some of the pictures. The rest of the photos are on instant film. I have yet to scan them.
    Happy St Patrick's day!

  2. Oh wow. This totally gave me a related idea for my fall themed wedding. I have a flower shaped punch and I am totally going to punch flowers out of (still supple) fallen leaves to use in the centers of my Kusudama flowers.

  3. My parents were married on St. Patrick's day. They had a little courthouse wedding with green carnations as their flowers. They are coming up on their 35th anniversary.
    This is a totally cute idea, you can do so much with those paper cutters in different shapes!

  4. Just pointing out that four leaf clovers have nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day. The symbol for St. Patrick is the shamrock, which has three leaves. He used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost in his efforts to convert pagans to Christianity. Four leafed clovers are a lucky symbol, like a rabbits foot, but aren't particularly Irish and again, have nothing to do with the legend of St. Patrick.

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