Offbeat wedding registry ideas

Let's talk about cool things to add to your wedding registry

Oh, wedding registries. You're such a hot mess of etiquette weirdness, consumer lust, and weird crystal candlesticks. Sure, mixers are nice — but what if you're looking for more unique wedding registry ideas? What about wedding registry ideas for guys? What about geeky wedding registry ideas? We're here for you with 100+ unexpected wedding registry ideas. (Pro tip: set up a universal registry on Amazon to immediately add these things to YOUR registry.)

Add an Einstein Pillow to your registry

Rose gold home goods

Everyone is putting on the pressure to add a bunch of gifts to your wedding registry, right? You know they do. Thankfully, you can create a wedding registry at places like Amazon which will make filling it up super easy. And if you're into the rose gold trend, this is the registry roundup for you. We're talking ALL kinds of rose gold home decor and rose gold home decor to add some shine and pinky glow to your home. Let's get to the registering, shall we?

Add affordable stuff to your registry

Cool stuff under $100

If you're having a gift registry, you might want that spendy grill, fancy mixer, crystal goblets… all that good registry shit. But you've got those guests who just can't afford to shell out a ton of cash for a gift, right? Thankfully, we found some killer and less expensive gifts that you can add to your registry right now. Think millennial pink tea kettles, marble bedspreads, retro radios, gorgeous dining chairs, and a ton more…

Add affordable stuff to your registry

Ultra cute kitchen gadgets

Sometimes you see a chubby dragon cookie jar and you just KNOW it's time to round up the most ridiculously cute kitchen gadgets to add to your wedding registry.

But really it's just a reason for me to window shop the internet for the most adorable kitchen items.

Add cute kitchen gadgets to your registry

Star Wars kitchen

We've featured hundreds of amazing geeky weddings on the blog, but we love it when geeky couples bring their geeky love into their registry… like this R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set.

Add Star Wars kitchen items to your registry

Terrarium kit

Nature-lovers, we know you'd be into terrarium kits… watch your love grow like your tiny little world, right?

Add a terrarium kit to your registry

Cute stuff under $25!

The key to the less-expensive items on your registry is making them exciting and fun, but also useful.
Registering for wedding gifts can be tricky. They take the right balance of “expensive shit we can't afford to get for ourselves,” and less expensive things that aren't that exciting. Often the less expensive gifts just sit there. Poor little can opener, all sad and lonely on your registry list because no one thinks it's fun to gift a can opener.

But we're here to change all that…
Great ideas here!

Weird and awesome registry gifts

From mixtape doormats to brick phone vases to wine soap to gnome terrarium kits… we've rounded up some of the weirdest and most awesome registry gifts to add to your list. You know guests would rather gift you a log cushion than a plain ol' toaster any day.

Add these awesome gifts to your registry

Registry gifts for foodies

Did you add these Wolverine-style meat claws to your registry? It's not the only weird and wonderful stuff to add to your foodie gifts registry? As a kitchen tool lover myself (especially fucking meat claws!), there are loads of killer tools, foodie gifts, and Master Chef-inspired radness to add to your wedding registry.

Add these foodie gifts to your registry

Nerdy housewares

I like to keep things in my kitchen on the nerdy side. I don my Jack Skellington apron (yep, I actually own that), sip from my Hedwig mug, and pull recipes from Nerdy Nummies, and YOU CAN, TOO!

Add these nerdy housewares to your registry

Newlywed Nerf Guns

Get a pair of Nerf guns for newlywed shenanigans around the house after the wedding, or good times AT the wedding, too!

Add Nerf Guns to your registry

Edgar Allen Poe home decor

For those of us that aren't at home with Martha, the world of decorating can be rather ominous. Especially when your style is more Lisbeth Salander than Carrie Bradshaw. If black is the new black for your decorating tastes, why not go all out with Edgar Allan Poe home decor like this Nevermore wall decal?

Add Edgar Allen Poe decor to your registry

Brightly colored kitchen mixer

Ok fine: sometimes you just want a KitchenAid mixer on your registry — and that's awesome! It's a classic for a reason… but who says you have to go for a classic color? We like this tangerine orange version of the kitchen classic.

Add a KitchenAid mixer to your registry

Heart-shaped coquette

Cherry Red cookware in a heart shape? Yasssss. It features a nickel knob which is oven safe to 500° F and basting spikes.

Add heart-shaped coquette to your registry

Sirens & Sailors and other nautical home decor

We loves us some mermaids, octopodes, and nautical weddings, and know that some of you are itching to bring the nautical theme into your homes.

Add nautical items to your registry

Creepy bathroom items

Sure, everyone loves apothecary jars, but if you want to take the next step up from an apothecary-themed bathroom, what about a creepy bathroom ideas like this skull soap dispenser or this brains switchplate?

Add horror-themed bathroom items to your registry

Pop culture pillows

Gaze upon the Starpugs pillow, and know that, with those sad-but-proud pug eyes, that dog is telling you that you are about to see some amazing shit. We looove Leaveland's amazing pop culture pillows.

Add pop culture pillows

Adorable dog gifts

You guys totally know that your guests are praying that there's something actually fun they can buy you on your registry. All the cool stuff goes so fast. If you wait too long, you'll be left with just towels. I'm pretty sure if you're adding these funny and adorable dog gifts to your registry, they'll be the first ones to get claimed. All of these are from Amazon, so you can easily add them to your online registry.

Add dog gifts to your registry

Gifts for coffee lovers

We've got accessories that will amp your brewing game to barista level, a convenient coffee maker, and fun coffee wearables to share your caffeinated love with the world. Let's talk java gifts for your wedding registry.

Add gifts for coffee lovers

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Everything on this page came from Amazon, because their wedding registries are super easy for everyone to use, and even include a universal registry option — so you can register for stuff from ANYWHERE online, using Amazon.

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