Our big list of wedding planning apps Part III: wedding registry apps

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Best wedding registry apps on @offbeatbride
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We've been talking about the latest wedding planning apps that are taking over the big planning binder. In Part I, we talked specifically about inspiration and collaboration tools, and Part II covered RSVP and wedding website apps.

This time around, we'll be talking about the best online wedding registry apps. Some of them focus on honeymoons, some on gifts, and some on more alternative ideas like charity and experiences.

Oh, and in case you're on the fence with registries in general, here are a couple of posts where we've had big discussions to help you decide for yourself if they're right for you.

Blanket warning for some of the apps below: Watch out for gendered language and more “traditional” options than we're used to around these parts.

Traveler's Joy

Traveler's Joy focuses on honeymoons, and you decide where, when, and how to arrange your travel. They don't require you to book your honeymoon with any particular travel agency or airline. You tell them when you're ready to receive your gifts, and they send you a bank check or transfer them directly to your checking or PayPal account. Traveler's Joy also has free options available to save a little cash.


Best wedding registry apps on @offbeatbride
SimpleRegistry is Traveler's Joy's answer to a one-stop registry shop for cash gifts to add activities, experiences, and items to one registry page. You can register for any item from anywhere, easy group gifting, and they have approachable tools to make adding items to your registry super easy.

SoKind Registry

Best wedding registry apps on @offbeatbride
SoKind is a customizable registry service that encourages the giving of homemade gifts, charitable donations, secondhand goods, experiences, time, day-of-event help, and more. SoKind is a non-profit focused on more fun and less stuff, if you're a couple who already has what you need or just want to put your efforts into more charitable or experiential things.


Zola is pretty effortless, beautiful, and easy to use. They allow for gifts, experiences, honeymoon/cash funds, and any gift from anywhere. Zola also has a Send It Later function, allowing guests to choose when the gifts are sent, and Gift Tracker, which allows you to be notified when a gift is bought and by whom.

Thankful Registry

Best wedding registry apps on @offbeatbride
Thankful Registry has a strong focus on the guest experience on the site by providing beautiful templates, browser tools to make adding items easy, and inclusion of cash, gifts, experiences, and charitable donations from any site, in any currency.

Honeymoon Pixie

Honeymoon Pixie provides you with 100 percent of your gift money without any fees. You can add any gifts/experiences to your registry, use a pre-built honeymoon registry, send out pre-written emails, print thank you lists, and more.

Buy Our Honeymoon

Buy Our Honeymoon is, unsurprisingly, a honeymoon fund registry. They're UK-based and work with couples all over the world. They'll provide you a platform to create wedding registries of honeymoon experiences, activities, and contributions toward travel and accommodation.


Honeyfund is another very flexible tool offering cash registry options toward a honeymoon, a down payment or DIY fund for home, or any savings goal. They have options for fee-less direct gifting or a small fee by utilizing PayPal for credit card transactions.

Amazon Wedding Registry

Best wedding registry apps on @offbeatbride
If you're already an Amazon wish list maker, Amazon's registry might be up your alley. They have Universal Registry Capabilities, meaning you can add items from any website into your registry. Amazon offers free shipping on items over $35, and they also have bonus gifts when you register for items from select vendors and when your guests make purchases. You also get a completion gift, which means that after your wedding, you'll get a one-time coupon good for 10 percent off select items across Amazon.com.

Registry Rebellion

Best wedding registry apps on @offbeatbride
Registry Rebellion's deal is focusing on more alternative gifting options like wilder experiences instead of home items. But you actually deal with a real person who crafts the list for you based on personal questions and a phone interview, which is both innovative and a little more restrictive than your usual universal list. It's pricier, but an interesting concept if you don't know what you want and need lots of guidance.

Wedding Scan

Wedding Scan is an iOS-based app that allows you to scan barcodes on the fly from any store to add to your registry. All items scanned include geolocation so your guests can also see where you scanned the item. Your guests can also buy the item from multiple locations like Amazon or retail stores.


Pic2Shop is a similar barcode scanner system for adding items to your registry. You can easily compare prices for the product you want to scan at lots of online retailers, along with seeing reviews on the fly.


RightGift offers gift registry barcode scanning from stores on the web, their own featured stores, or by simply entering items directly into your registry. They also offer RSVP tracking services for multiple events.

Blueprint Registry

Best wedding registry apps on @offbeatbride
Blueprint Registry has some interesting tools like adding gifts by rooms in your home, curated catalogs to get you started, group gifting for larger items, honeymoon registry options, and a universal gift list.


MyRegistry is another universal registry list, but it allows you to sync any existing wish lists you may have around, like at Amazon and other big retailers. You can also add items from brick and mortar stores that don't have an online presence.

Are you opting for an online wedding registry? If you're loving wedding planning apps, don't miss Parts I and II from last week!

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