10 pairs of wedding plugs for stretched ears – from discreet to daring!

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Remember way back when we featured Lesley and her husband's laid-back, vegetarian, Buddhist wedding? We were so inspired by her up-cycled vintage earrings that she shifted into formal plugs that we decided to go looking for other examples of wedding plugs for folks with stretched earlobes.

These formal wedding plugs are amazing for weddings, for your special occasions, or even camouflaging gauged ears for dinner with grandma.

We went for a range of styles, from more traditional pearls and diamonds to totally daring carved wooden styles, boho styles, goth wedding plugs, and even lolita / anime style wedding plugs! These range in sizes from 00ga to 2ga to 5/8 and everything in-between.

10 wedding plugs for all different styles, from traditional to totally out-there

These little flowers are so pretty and delicate… although only available up to 12mm sizes.
FLOWER OF LIFE wedding plugs from Etsy seller NAGAbodyjewelry are giving us sacred geometry vibes for a minimal desert wedding.
These amethyst wedding plugs from GotStonedJewelry are giving me real boho wedding vibes. If you've got gauged ears, these may be perfect for you.
These Pink cherry blossom bridal plugs are so pretty and delicate.
How insanely sweet are these enchanted forest plugs?! I could totally see them for a fairy or hippie wedding.
If you want organic but a bit more daring, you have these very NON traditional carved wooden wedding plugs
These d20 dice plugs are perfect for your geeky DnD wedding … added bonus, they cover your “something blue!”
Veering off in a different direction, going for a gothic or horror theme? These anatomical heart plugs are a WHOLE MOOD
If you want more drama… HERE YOU GO!
Going for a more cute kawaii lolita vibe? HOW CANDY CUTE ARE THESE WEDDING PLUGS!?
Want a more graceful and discrete vibe? These white floral wedding plugs could be perfect for your organic, minimal wedding

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  1. Lesley has THE most beautiful plugs for gauged ears! And she’s also a super sweet awesome human being (and her husband, too, who was kind enough to DJ my wedding).

  2. These plugs are just beyond! They make me wish my ears were gauged so that I could take advantage, so very pretty!

    • she also apparently offers ‘standard posts’ for many of her earrings. just check the drop-down on her different listings.

  3. This is so cool. As someone looking into taking an aspect d my wedding and marketing it, I find these stories super inspiring!

  4. I let my lobes shrink back for exactly this reason. Couldn’t find plugs that were work/elderly friendly.

    I wish these existed back then! I’d probably still have my lobes stretched.

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