How wedding planning coffee rituals can de-stress your planning sessions

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How wedding planning coffee rituals can de-stress your planning sessions

Planning a wedding, especially an offbeat wedding, can be fraught with stress and conflict. But if you establish some rituals beforehand, you can avoid a lot of strife and set up some basic relationship rules that will last you into your marriage.

With a planning ritual, good boundaries, and knowing when to step away, you can create wedding planning coffee rituals to save your sanity. Let's talk planning…

Know when to step away

During wedding planning, it's easy to have wedding questions and worries cloud every interaction and situation. You'll need to plan out times when it's a no-wedding-zone. Times when you'll just be with your partner or your friends and talk about life outside of the wedding. It'll seem like that doesn't exist anymore, but I assure you, it still does and you'll need it to keep your brain from melting.

Make a ritual both with yourself for alone time and with your partner. Grab some coffee (like from our sponsor, Keurig®), grab a bite, grab each other (wink wink), but grab something other than that wedding planning binder and be chill for a bit.

Here's another way one couple took a break that saved them:

Establish boundaries early

Boundaries between your planning and non-planning time are essential, but you'll also need to decide what's private in your planning and what you'll be sharing with your family and wedding crew. If you'll be having something you NEED but will definitely be controversial (say, related to religion or guest count), that's information that may not need to be shared with everyone involved. If you know an issue is something that you'll have to bring out the ol' "NO" about, determine that with your partner ahead of time. See if there's any wiggle room, or decide if it's something you'll keep to yourselves.

Here's how to say "no" when necessary and how to do it:

Create wedding planning coffee rituals

In the same way you have morning rituals (like good coffee, yoga, or morning chill music), you can create wedding planning rituals to ease those stressful encounters. Get together to anticipate potential conflicts with family, friends, or your wedding party before they happen. By incorporating something you both love, you'll lubricate the wheels during a time that can easily spin out of control. The best part of planning these meetings together is that you can use the same get-on-the-same-page strategy for marriage conflicts throughout the years.

Knowing that you'll have designated time to air your grievances, pump each other up, or commiserate about the stress you're both under, you'll be able to let out a little tension and be each others' real partner. Use this time to have each others' back and make sure you're not ignoring needs in the background of the wedding planning.

TIP: keep any non-food or drink distractions off the table including your phone and other non-planning items. Be present. Be there for each other.

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What wedding planning rituals are keeping you from abandoning ship? Share them in the comments!

Thanks to our kick-ass sponsor, Keurig®, for providing us with great ideas to keep our wedding planning coffee rituals delicious and super convenient.

  1. We used coffee as our wedding planning ritual. We set aside an hour or two, usually on Saturday mornings, to go out for coffee and talk wedding details. We'd plan our topic in advance so we'd have time to research options, then we'd discuss our research and make decisions. It was good to have a time where we were well rested, caffienated, and not focusing on something else. Plus, coffee shops had the added bonus of free wifi.

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