Wedding planning basics 101

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First things first: wedding basics

You've just gotten engaged and don't know where to start. You can connect with us, of course, but here are some wedding planning basics to get you started in planning your wedding on the spectrum of offbeatness.
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Wedding invitation advice and paperie wording tips

You've got paperwork on your list: invitations, save-the-dates, programs, wedding menus, and maybe even hashtags! Here's how we deal with invitation wording, timing, and drama-minimizing.

Wedding budget advice

Money woes getting you all stressed up with nowhere to go? We've been there. Let's talk about budgets of all sizes, how to save some cash, and how to score some deals.

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Wedding schedule advice

Wedding timelines, greeting all your guests, planning for out-of-towners… how do you make it all come together? We've got tips and advice for your wedding day schedule.

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How to plan your wedding ceremony

Unity ceremonies, aisle-walking drama, and does the wedding party sit or stand?! Have some fun with readings and music to make your ceremony totally you.

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Wedding vendor advice

Wedding vendors can easily become allies and friends, but you have to choose them carefully. Here's advice about dealing with vendors and some insider advice from vendors themselves.

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Dress and fashion advice

Whether you'll be rocking a gown, a suit, or something in between, finding your wedding day outfit can be stressful. We've got some wedding fashion tips for all types of offbeat couples.

Dealing with family and friends

You're probably not the only person invested in your wedding both emotionally and financially. Unless you're eloping, you'll probably have to deal with a little family drama. Oh wait, that happens with elopments, too. Doh! How can we deal with relationships during wedding planning?

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Planning for wedding day weather

Insert obligatory Alanis Morissette rainy day wedding reference here. If you're having an outdoor wedding, these tips are especially important, but they apply to all weddings. Weather is a beast we all must face.

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Disabilities, chronic illnesses, and personality traits

As much as we may not want it to, life still happens around wedding planning. You may have to deal with grief, illness, and your own personality quirks that make things a little more challenging. But we've got tips to help you deal.

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