The Bay Area’s Funny Bunny Photography answers 5 questions you’re dying to ask a wedding photographer

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We've talked about our sponsor Natalie from Funny Bunny Photography before. Remember the Bay Area-based wedding photographer who's all about photojournalistic images full of fun, and vivid colors? Well she's back, and this time she's answering some of your biggest wedding photography questions.

We've thrown five questions that you've always wanted to get a chance to ask a professional wedding photographer. Here's Natalie's awesome insight into your hopes (“How can I get the best poses at my wedding?”) and fears (“What if I feel unphotogenic?”) when it comes to your wedding pics…


First of all, let's talk about YOU. What's your style? Why are you a great fit for readers of Offbeat Bride?

I'm going to be real with y'all. This question is so important, so listen carefully! I am a wedding photographer so that I can empower nerdy couples to be themselves. And geeky couples, gamer couples, otaku couples — really, any other word of the same variety. I want to get to know you intuitively so that we can play around together and create photos that you will love.

The buzzwords don't matter. Sure, I love vivid colors, I love panoramas with isolated focus, I love warm photos. If you want, we can talk about the technical details into oblivion when we meet. But it's my “style” to celebrate you for being so gorram shiny.

I also strive to be easy to work with and laid back. I find that so many people are stressed out on the day of, I'm usually the one standing there saying, “Take some deep breaths. Relax. Zen! It's all going to come together!” I love making people laugh in front of my lens, too, so count on lots of giggling.

Now on to the hard questions that we're ALL dying to know… What makes for the best photos?

Time! And lots of of it! Honestly, I'll work with what I'm given, but my typical breakdown for portraits is around twenty minutes with family, twenty minutes with wedding party, and thirty minutes with just the two of you. However, I have worked in as little as 30 minutes for all three!


What are the are biggest mistakes that couples constantly make when it comes to their wedding photos?

There are two common mistakes I see repeated by couples left and right…

  1. Choose brilliant backgrounds without realizing that, for the most part, the focus is going to be on them, not the backdrop! While beautiful locations are helpful, people aren't looking at your background. Just choose some place that's clean and simple in color, and your photographer will be a happy camper.
  2. Choose a location in direct sunlight. Sunlight is great, don't get me wrong, but photographers love shade. Sunlight makes you look squinty and shiny — Yuck! Try to find a shady side of a building or a grove of trees for your formal portraits and you'll look beautiful!


How do you respond when a client says, “I'm not photogenic, can you still make me look good?”

I hear this in almost every meeting from women of all shapes and sizes. I honestly feel very sad about the state of our culture every time I hear it, but this probably isn't a place for an “everyone is beautiful” soapbox! My response is very simple — I don't see anything wrong with you.

But my second response is, as a professional photographer, I know how to naturally shape people with posing — not Photoshop!

What types of fun, non-traditional photos do you recommend?

This is a complicated question because non-traditional means so many different things to people! For some couples, non-traditional means “anything other than ‘the parent shot.'” while others want to run around jumping up and down with their friends. But there are three poses I specifically reserve for my most fun couples: The Dip, The Carry, and The Jump, all of which you've seen examples of in this post!

That said, most of what falls under “non-traditional” is up to me to look for! It's all about the angles, up, down, all around, that I'm doing to make sure I get photos that speak to your wedding and reception locations!


Of course, if you hire Funny Bunny Photography to shoot your Bay Area (or any area!) wedding, you won't have ANYTHING to worry about when it comes to photography. Or even your budget for that matter…


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    • Thanks, Angela! That staircase is AMAZING, isn’t it? It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in SF, it has all these reflective bits and really shows a whole landscape from the bottom “ocean” to the sky!

      I had to stick in gorram – I wanted to make sure you guys knew I mean it when I say I’m geeky!

    • Awww, thanks Sam! Was there one in particular that caught your attention?? I’m always curious what “real” people like versus what me the photographer likes. 🙂

      • I actually think my favorite shot was the closeup picture of the woman in the blue dress and glasses. It’s such a simple, beautiful shot. The colors are gorgeous. All the pictures are beautiful though. I’m so happy that my photographer has a fun, funky style similar to the pictures you shared with us.

        • Thanks Kelli! That’s a favorite of mine as well (…they’re all favorites!), but a new favorite! I just wrapped that session last month. One takeaway from that couple – don’t be afraid to act goofy in front of the camera, if that’s who you are! I had these guys doing fake hide and seek, reading comic books, and playing dinosaurs! It was awesome! 😀

  1. Great article on wedding photography questions. Love the answers – especially the direct sunlight one- that is such a common issue!

    • omg, Stacie! I groan every time it’s ceremony time and the groom is standing in direct sunlight and the bride is in shade, and I hope some couples will think about this!

      I can fix it to a certain extent, but no one wants me to set up giant lighting equipment on their wedding day, so mostly, my unedited raw files look like the groom is marrying a giant shadow, or the bride a bright orange glowing ball of light. 😀

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