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You remember when we told you about Photo Pink, right? The New York-based wedding photography duo, Liesl and Randy, who LOVE shooting Offbeat Brides? Well, they're back and you're going to love to what they've got for you. It combines breathtaking shots from a Great Gatsby themed wedding, our new favorite wedding accessories (predatory birds), and a chance to win 75% off of their wedding packages. Keep reading, because you're going to love this…

Kim and Charles had a Great Gatsby-themed Baltimore castle wedding! Kim wore a gorgeous 1920′s style dress with a headpiece she made and beaded herself. But I know you're not looking at her dress because you're probably all, “OMG! That owl is the most adorbz thing EVAR!!!” Because that's all I'm thinking after seeing this picture.

Oh, but I said predatory birdS (plural) didn't I? Yes, I did. Lookit the pritty hawk! Kim and Charles hired a master falconer to bring a hawk and an owl to the wedding. Which, as Photo Pink said, “added the final amazing touch to what was already an incredible wedding.”

Speaking of incredible weddings… here's where that whole chance to get 75% off the wedding photography thing enters…

So what are you waiting for!? If you have a wedding that could use the magic eye of Photo Pink, then email them right now!

Comments on Great Gatsby wedding ideas from Photo Pink

  1. “If you have a wedding that could rival that of Charles and Kim…” Personally, I just find that wording a little off-putting, because I thought part of the mantra of the site here is that your wedding is not a contest? Beautiful pictures, I agree, but that struck a discord with me when I read it.

    • Honestly, I was just trying to wrap it all up at the end there in a neat little bow — the copy, the porn and the contest all gelling with each other in a nice happy ending. I of course didn’t think anyone would take those words so literally, the same way I didn’t think anyone would think I really meant that predatory birds are an accessory.

  2. My best friend got married at that castle (The Cloisters, Lutherville MD) on 10/11! I would recognize that spiral staircase anywhere… It’s a gorgeous place for a small, private, intimate wedding. ::drooool:: Coincidentally, they released white doves at the end of their ceremony. Something about that place must be fowl (bad joke, sorry). For other brides who might get married there, there’s a local guy who has doves trained to fly back to his farm once they’re release. WIN!

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