Add a pop of color and excitement to your wedding dress with petticoats from ReSashay

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petticoatThinking of adding something fun, colorful, and unexpected to your wedding outfit? Then you're gonna wanna think about our sponsor ReSashay, and their awesome selection of petticoats.

You've seen ReSashay before, on some of our fabulously festive Offbeat Brides. You've also seen the amazing things that colored crinoline can do for wedding outfits.

If you'd like to get the look for yourself, you're in luck. ReSashay has made petticoat purchasing perfectly painless (say that three times fast) with their two ways to shop…

1950s petticoat

Ready-made 1950s Malco Modes petticoats

ReSashay's 1950s Malco Modes petticoats are extremely awesome — so it's no wonder that they're a hit with so many of our readers. They come in 16 different colors and run from extra small to extra large. Looking for awesome accessories for your bridesmaids? ReSashay stocks these babies in large enough quantities for bridal parties.

Sams Manufacturing Chiffon with multi-colored fluff

Custom-made Sam's Manufacturing petticoats

ReSashay's “Sam's Manufacturing custom-made petticoats” are awesome for those of you looking for even more color options and styles. These petticoats can be made in any length, come in a large variety of fabrics and colors, in lots of different yardages, and with matching or contrasting colors if you'd like. Rainbow petticoat, anyone!? There is even a choice on the kind of fabric used in the waistband, for those of you with sensitive skin.

Organdy with lace petticoat
Organdy with lace petticoat

Super-fast shipping

ReSashay ships their ready-made petticoats within one day. Their custom-made petticoats can get to you in as quickly as two weeks. I can't even believe how quickly ReSashay helps you get all fashionably fluffed up!

Custom chiffon with fluff petticoat.
Custom chiffon with fluff petticoat.

ReSashay is totally ready to help you pick out or custom-design the right petticoat for your wedding outfits, so “sashay” over to their website and get yer petticoat on!

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Comments on Add a pop of color and excitement to your wedding dress with petticoats from ReSashay

  1. Oh good. I’ve been looking for a fast, non-sketch, non-Leg Avenue petticoat resource. Thanks!

  2. This is the company I got my petticoat from and I LOVE IT. It arrived so quickly and it’s just like it’s pictured. I did a lot of price comparisons and these guys have the best pricing that I could find 🙂 For some reason it’s a few bucks cheaper ordering from them on eBay (they have their own eBay store) than it is ordering from them direct. I ordered off of eBay from them with no problems. I can’t recommend them enough.

    • ReSashay has lowered the prices of these colorful petticoats on their web site! Now they are available from the web site just as inexpensively as they are from the ebay listings. There are no restocking fees for returns or exchanges when purchased directly from the web site either.

  3. I wish they had plus sizes. Having a hard time finding colorful petticoats in my size :/

    • they have some that can be ordered in a long length – I plan on wearing one under my floor length gown

  4. I have a ‘tea length’ dress and they sell ‘tea length’ petticoats. The skirt is 30 inches long according to the website. Without adding for volume, that’s well past by knee. Will it peek out too much? Too little? I’m stressing!

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