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Updated Oct 12 2015

Apparently each year the Washington Post hosts a Peeps Diorama contest. This year, Offbeat Bride reader Onyah entered a diorama inspired by the TV show Say Yes to the Dress. Washington Post announced the winners and Onyah was not one of them, but she's a total winner on OBB!


I mean check out these amazing details!…

I love "Peepzilla" over in the corner, and the purple Peep with the earrings, and the little rack of little wedding dresses!? Amazing!

In her wedding planning update, Onyah explained, "Making all the tiny wedding dresses was really fun, and was my own little hat-tip to the bridal salon experience." (She must've had one trippy bridal salon experience.)

HAPPY EASTER from everyone at Offbeat Bride!

  1. I had to wiki "peeps" because we don't get things like that over here(Ireland)and now I know what they are I want to try some… That pink peepzilla is just asking for an eating!! 😉

    • That is such a tragedy! Peeps were such a big part of my childhood… haha I'm only kidding. I'm sure wiki explained that they are just marshmallows covered in colored sugar, in other words they are way more fun to look at than actually eat! So maybe it's better that you don't have them 🙂

  2. A few newspapers have Peeps diorama contests. I haven't verified this information, but the St. Paul Pioneer Press claims to be the first to have such an event. There are some good ones from there, too.

  3. Adorable!!!

    See, we just roast ours over a fire and put them on graham crackers with chocolate bunnies…

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