Up your wedding party seating game: seat them on pillows

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Having your wedding party stand around you or sit on seats nearby is totally cool, but if your ceremony is running longer than usual or you just want your crew ner you and cozy, check out this idea. Kelsey and Elias handmade some pillows on which their wedding part could cop a squat while they said their vows. Here's what Kelsey about it:

We handmade the pillows that our wedding party sat on during the ceremony. This was a detail that felt important to us to. At weddings we've been involved in, we've stood off to the side behind the bride or groom, the traditional set up. Imagining ourselves front and center without being able to see our most special friends didn't feel right, so we chose to do things a little differently.

During the ceremony our wedding party sat in a semi-circle around us, allowing Eli and I to look out and see them, creating a sense of connection and groundedness during our transition into marriage. We also asked our wedding party to offer up blessings during the ceremony, which was one of my favorite parts of our day.

So if it suits your style and all your party members are able to sit on the floor, grab (or in this case, make) some pillows and let your posse surround you with love and stay comfy at the same time. Plus, it'll let you avoid those terrible moments where someone locks their knees and takes a tumble!




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  1. My maid of honor has Cerebral Palsy, so standing for a length of time is difficult for her. I just had guest chairs set up where they would usually stand and had everyone sit. Also helped since my sisters are moms and their toddler children wanted to be with them!

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