Hand-made, fold-out, super personalized wedding party invitations

Guest post by sheselectric

I work in a craft store where I spend my days dreaming up ridiculous projects. Recently I did my first bookbinding project and this opened a floodgate of inspiration. So I embarked on my second Wedding Project: asking our wedding party to well… be our wedding party!

We wanted to find a really special and personal way to ask them, and I wanted to make something ourselves, so we dug around in boxes of old photos of us and some of our favorite people and made these fold-out wedding party invitations:

All six asked said “yes!”

Did y'all do awesome special invitations or cards for your attendants?

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  1. We’re just finishing ours up now. We made little comic strips/ books for everyone – ranging from super heroes to skunks to cats… just depending on our relationship with the person and their interests.

    We’re sending them with a few little trinkets – magnets with the wedding party drawn as stick figures (XKCD style), things like that.

    I can’t wait to send them off!

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