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moustaches for all!

Offbeat Brides and their grooms and their guests love fake mustaches. LOVE THEM. I have no idea where this trend came from, but within the last month I've seen enough mustachioed wedding parties to realize that this isn't an isolated incident. And in fact, it's not even just weddings — mustaches are everywhere.

I'm telling you, fake mustaches are hot right now, people. Fake mustaches are the new red wedding dress. Take a look at all the mustaches in the offbeat bride flickr pool!

I get that it's a trend … but can anyone tell me why? Where did it come from?

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  1. Hi! I am a moustached bride. I had NEVER seen anyone do the moustache thing until after I did it. I’m not saying I started a trend or anything – but seriously! Everyone is doing it! Maybe I just wasn’t looking for ‘stached bridal parties until after my own. Who knows!?

    I got married in August and about a month or so before the wedding was in a little knick-knack shop in Toronto. I found a set of moustaches for around 5 dollars and I *immediately* thought: I NEED THIS FOR MY WEDDING. So I bought ’em and surprised my girls with them at the wedding. They were thrilled and so was I.

    I did it because I thought it was funny. What do you NOT expected to see on a beautiful bride and her gorgeous maids? STACHES. And it made for some HILARIOUS photos and it was interesting to see where all the staches ended up by the end of the night.

    I think I also did it in part because my guy’s last name is McDonald and my first name is Lani. There is a famous hockey player named LANNY MCDONALD in Canada who has a HUGE red moustache. I decided NOT to take my guy’s name but maybe, subconsciously, the ‘staches were an homage to what could have been.

    Here’s a photo of Lanny McDonald:

    I think all bridal parties should be ‘stached and can’t believe it’s taken this long for the trend to catch on. 😉

  2. …ok. That’s just weird. I’ve been obsessed with girls with mustaches for ages. Particularly myself in mustaches. But I always thought it was because of my Cindy Sherman obsession and my interest in taking “out of myself” self-portraits. Of all the weird and kooky things I’m into that suddenly become trendy, this was definitely the last thing I would’ve thought would take off in popularity!!! ha! So, yes, I’d be fascinated to find a reasoning behind this trend!!!

    Me, as a man

  3. A mustache is like the new ‘wig’, except not as hot and more affordable. 826Seattle is having their annual Mustache-A-Thon fundraiser right now, and they’re selling every mustache in the book! It’s amazing! I’m personally wearing a Tom Selleck pin that has the word ‘HERO’ stamped across it. It’s just another fun fad in a world filled with fads (bacon, ninjas, unicorns, tofu, and everything else at Archie McPhee’s). I love this idea for a wedding, but alas–by the time I get married, it will be overdone.

  4. A couple of years ago all the kids I knew in the RIHC scene started getting little mustaches tattooed on their index fingers – a cute local fad that I thought was short, sweet and long gone. So strange how things catch on and build over the course of a few years, and now mustaches are the big hipster thing to do. Weird.

  5. I’m comforted to know that I’m not the only gal out here who likes to glue a ‘stache on every now and then. I think they’re funny and I’ve always been a bit jealous of the guys for being able to play with facial hair as an accessory. Weird, but there it is.

    Oh, and it’s fun freaking my hubby out with my handlebars.

  6. Well, Offbeat Brides are hip, and this has been *the* hipster trend for the last nine months or a year. See: Moustaches on a stick.

  7. I have to admit two other Boston-area wedding photographers and I made our own Moustache Party corner at a huge NYC photo expo last week. Good times had by all.

    And not only did the bride have a stache in Erin and Jared’s wedding photo above; they made EVERYONE wear one for the photo. Even small children and grannies.

  8. I always wanted to take shots of random people in fake moustaches. But I was beaten to the punch!

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