The simple wedding menu to fit almost ALL dietary restrictions

Guest post by Liana Bakker
The Fine Dining Menu from Minted.
The Fine Dining Menu from Minted.

We were looking for a casual menu that wouldn’t break the bank, but we have all the menu issues of the modern ages…

Vegans, vegetarians, hard-core meat eaters, comfort food-lovers, tomato allergy, glutflaen allergy, dairy allergy, nut allergy, and even a garlic allergy. I also have health issues that flare up from time to time so avoiding some of the above food could be important for me, too.

When you have foods you have to avoid, it can be a huge pain to eat at a large function. Even when people try to make things for us “picky eaters,” they often fail. And sometimes it's disaster… There’s a meat version and veggie/gluten-free version, but it's labelled wrong, and a meat-eater with celiac ends up spending the epic dance party on the toilet.

Now, my wedding menu is not fancy, and this isn’t for everyone, but again I’m looking for easy, as all-encompassing as possible, and budget-friendly. Here’s what we’re serving up:

BBQ chicken

BBQ Chicken

Baked beans (no pork in this version)

Photo by avlxyz – CC BY 2.0
Photo by avlxyzCC BY 2.0

Mac and cheese casserole


Baked potatoes (add your own sour cream, green onions, cheese or bacon)

Baked Potato Bar!

Roasted veggies

Roasted Root Veggies

Greek Salad

05 07 13_Greek Chopped Salad_0023

Another salad (not sure exactly what yet but it won’t have any cheese or tomatoes)

Photo by Honeysuckle Photography
Photo by Honeysuckle Photography


Mmm... fresh hot dinner rolls

Veggie platter

Veggie Tray



Yes, everyone with a restriction will have a couple things to avoid. And I’m sure some people would want more meat options or more vegetable protein options, which is fair. But the hard-core meat-eaters will just have to be happy with chicken and loaded-up-on-bacon baked potatoes. The vegans will have to skip the chicken, mac and cheese, and Greek salad. But then they still have beans, roasted vegetables, potatoes, salad, buns, and veggies. (Which, If I am remembering correctly from my time as a vegan, is actually not that bad.)

  • Vegetarians: Only need skip the chicken.
  • Gluten-free: No mac and cheese or buns.
  • Tomato-free: No beans or Greek salad.
  • Dairy-free: No mac and cheese or Greek salad.
  • Can’t have garlic: No Greek salad for you.
  • No nuts: No problem!

My fiancé still gets his favorite — anything with cheese on it. I still get my favorite — Greek salad. And everyone (including any picky-eating children) will have something tasty to nosh on for a reasonable price.

We love hearing about special-needs wedding menus — share yours in the comments!

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  1. This is a nice layout. This is why we — & everyone we know — is doing / has done tacos for the wedding. Cheap & easy to customize for specific diets. And kinda fun to design your own meal too.

    • Yes yes yes to tacos! Reasonably easy to accommodate the meat-eaters, vegetarians, vegans, Celiacs, processed-food avoiders, cheese lovers, etc. We have not yet finalized our menu, but I am fairly certain it will include a taco bar.

  2. Sounds tasty!

    We are going with a similarly simple menu. BBQ tri-tip for the red meat eaters, BBQ chicken for the non-red meat eaters, a wonderful kale/brocolli/brussel sprouts salad, caeser salad, our day of coordinators husband (who is also in charge of BBQing) volunteered to make a quinoa salad, some sort of potato dish (scalloped maybe?), dinner rolls and cupcakes! We are having three different flavors, including lemon sugar-free and gluten-free so that everyone can enjoy!

    There may be other foods added to the menu, but I think we’ve got a very good (and simple!) start to a delicious meal 🙂

  3. This is so close to what we’re doing too! We’re having 2 crocks of beans–one with bacon, the other without, and rigatoni with meatballs on the side, veggie lasagna, BBQ chicken, salads and relish tray.

  4. Looks delicious! But check the ingredients in the BBQ sauce… They are not always gluten-free friendly. I’m definitely stealing this as a base for our rehearsal dinner, where we have vegetarians, gluten-free, and diabetic guests.

    • Good call on the bbq sauce!!! I will double check it but I’m pretty sure it’s gluten free since the caterer regularly does gluten free weddings, makes the sauce himself and knows about the issue.

  5. My sister is vegan and wheat free and my fiance is wheat and dairy free but eats meat. We’ve gone for paella- veggie, chicken and seafood which suits them both and the combinations of veggies, pescitarians and fasting coptic Christians that are coming!

  6. Brunch buffet! There’s a little something for everyone, and we get to have ALL OF THE BACON.

  7. I don’t have much of use to contribute, but OMG THE FLOWERS IN THE LAST SALAD.

    Violets are indeed edible, and tasty – there are others! Nasturtiums are tried and true (a bit spicy/peppery); marigolds, calendula, verbena, gladiolus – how cool would it be to have a flower-power salad? Beautiful and delicious! Also vegan and gluten free.

  8. We had an Asian caterer, serving Vietnamese rice bowls with tofu or chicken. Just another option idea if you want something outside of BBQ that is budget friendly, tasty, and easy to accommodate dietary restrictions. People LOVED it, and it was unique and delicious.

  9. Yep! This is so like our menu. We have two different types of meat, one type of fish, jacket pots, and a bunch

  10. Yep! This is so like our menu. We have two different types of meat, one type of fish, jacket pots, and a bunch of salads… We did request some more veggie safe stuff but I dunno what we’re getting. Lol. 🙂

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