Logs as wedding decor: Let’s get lumber jack-y with it!

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With autumn hitting its stride, it's time to get our woodsy wonderland on. We've seen some gorgeous ways to use logs in weddings, like how Katie and her groom used a wooden frame sitting on a tall log to mark the end of their aisle (and don't you love the subtle heart carved toward the bottom?). So we've decided to round up MORE gorgeous ways to use logs in weddings — from fabulous decor to tasty treats! Let's feel the lumber love…

Ceremonial logs

Are We Having Fun Yet?
Joan and Tom's wedding included an old German tradition in their ceremony called The Sawing Of The Log. I think it does look like they're having fun!

Logs as signage

Guest "Book"
A little chalkboard paint and your sliced log can ask your guests to sign the guestbook, point out the flavors of your cupcakes, or announce the photo booth is just ahead. See more guestbook alternatives like this guestbook tree over on our guestbook alternatives roundup.

Log image as guestbook

“Guest log” by Etsy seller Baumbirdy.

Add your guests' signatures to the rings of your tree — this log AS a guestbook would be gorgeous to keep the woodsy love on your wall after your wedding.

Center-cut centerpieces

The "Did you Know?" Centerpieces
A log slice is a great platform for beautiful vignettes. Tribesmaid Katie Sue added candles and trivia for her guests to ponder at their tables. There's a ton of DIY inspiration from her wedding porn.

Meghan and Anne's gorgeous centerpieces also featured candles with bonus charming pine cones and smooth stones. Their log-cabin lesbian bagpipe-y wedding has lots of inspiration, and did I mention they were married in a log cabin!

Where to plant yourself

Show guests to their seat with these awesome DIY mossy log table numbers. Woodsy Wonderland factor is totally amped up with greenery goodness.

Cake slices

DSCN2506Do you want MOAR LOGS? Do you also like cupcakes? Then you're going to love this cupcake tower made out of sliced logs.

Want to eat logs?

tree stump cake
Carve a log-shaped cake! This cake was featured over on Offbeat Home (with lots more lumber lovin') at a killer LumberJack and Jill anniversary party.

There are so many logs to love. The carved initials, the woodsy wonderland and mossy greens — from the gorgeous decor to the tasty treats, logs are awesome.

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Comments on Logs as wedding decor: Let’s get lumber jack-y with it!

  1. Plus, you open your wedding to a whole world of wood innuendo! A ceremony isn’t complete without a good ‘hard wood’ joke, IMHO.

  2. What??? No Ren and Stimpy shoutout?! Well, fine then:

    It’s log,
    It’s big, it’s heavy, it’s wood,
    It’s log,
    It’s better than bad,
    It’s good!

  3. Thank you so much for this! I’d been struggling coming up with a theme that wasn’t *too* theme-ey and finally settled on simply showcasing the area (the redwood forest) these ideas will help me so much to pull it together! 😀

  4. We used log slices from Michael’s as the base for our centerpieces, topped with terra cotta flower pots full of flowers. We burned our initials and wedding date (K + D, 6/23/12) inside of a heart, like initials carved into a tree. One guest actually took it with him, promising to make us something fabulous out of it for our first anniversary…we are also planning to carve the center out of the one that was on our table and use it as a frame for one of our wedding pictures.

  5. I love these ideas! We are doing something similar but instead of using logs we are using old telephone poles that are all over my fiance’s parents’ farm!

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