How to turn your venue into an instant party space with DIY Uplighting

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You could totally create this lighting magic yourself!
You could totally create this lighting magic yourself!

Remember that super-popular post: Don't want to hate your wedding photos? Here are the 11 things you need to do NOW. Well, our sponsor DIY Uplighting was basically the tenth piece of advice:

Turn crappy into happy with uplighting

I've seen a DJ turn a bare room with four walls into a Vegas Nightclub with uplighting. Most professional DJs offer uplighting packages. Want to do it yourself? Check out this offbeat vendor.

DIY Uplighting is like Netflix, but for lighting — instead of ordering up the perfect movie, you're ordering up the perfect party atmosphere. Let's talk some more about how that works…

You might want to use DIY Uplighting's services if you are:

  • Using a venue that's practical, but not fantastical: say, an empty gallery, community halls, your parents' home, etc.
  • Worried about your reception not having enough party atmosphere: lighting is one of the keys to an awesome party
  • Budget-minded: you can save hundreds of dollars by setting up your own lighting

How it works:

  1. Reserve your lighting from DIY Uplighting with only a $25 deposit. (To submit your reservation, get started by checking availability and then complete the reservation agreement.)
  2. Receive your shipment at least 2-3 days prior to your event.
  3. Plug the lights in, select your color, and then enjoy your event. (Check out how easy it is to set up.)
  4. Pack up the lights and all cables in the boxes they came in and ship them back to DIY Uplighting for free!

DIY Uplighting gives you a super-easy, low-stress DIY project that's going to turn your wedding into a rockin' event. But availability is limited, so to guarantee that they'll have enough lights in stock to ship to you, you better reserve your DIY Uplighting early!

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Comments on How to turn your venue into an instant party space with DIY Uplighting

  1. I used this vendor for my wedding and they were wonderful! The process of receiving them and returning them was super-easy, the lights were in good condition and easy to use, and the color options were diverse enough to match the exact colors we wanted. They look especially good outside against trees and the walls of buildings outside at night!

  2. Oh my goodness, we used this vendor as well! what a coincidence that they’re now on offbeat bride after I used them! This is the second time my vendor has joined obb after my wedding. How funny! Anywho, diyuplighing is so easy to use and so friendly! The uplights made a huge difference in how our ceremony space and reception spaces looked. we’re both shy and loved the idea of dim lighting but we didnt want to break the bank. Were so glad we rented from them it really made a huge difference. Not to mention they were the easiest things to set up and send back from once we were done. By far our easiest “rental” I highly highly recommend them!

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