Your wedding jewelry can be a memorial keepsake

Updated Mar 15 2021

wedding dress lace necklace seen on offbeat bride

These necklaces actually have a piece of lace from a wedding dress embedded inside resin. It looks lovely, right? The best part is that you could have a piece of your own dress as a keepsake, a piece of someone else's dress (mom's, grandma's, etc.) to wear AT the wedding, or make a few and pass them out as bridesmaids' or mother-of-the-bride gifts. You can snag it from Etsy seller LACEstudio. This got me thinking: what other wedding jewelry could serve as a memorial? Let's check out what we found.


This one would be great for Harry Potter fans (especially those who remember the significance of the snitch in the last book!
I loooove this book-shaped locket. It has spots for two photographs inside.
This vintage-inspired locket actually holds three photos.
This House of Harlowe piece is actually a big cocktail ring locket, which is definitely large enough to hold a good photo.
I know some of you are planning a "until death do us part" wedding and this locket might be just the ticket. Plus, this Etsy seller just has gorgeous lockets in general. Check them out.

Photo courtesy of Lilly Cakes

This matchbox locket tutorial is technically for a Mother's Day gift, but you could totally translate this into a sweet little DIY project and include anyone's photo that you want to remember. Or forgo the photo and put in a keepsake instead.

Will you be carrying (or wearing) a memorial photo or keepsake? Check out our memorial tag archive for more ideas.

    • omg that's amazing! i'm absolutely doing this with a piece of the lace trim from my wedding dress when i married my late husband. it might be kind of weird to wear it when i marry my dude though. hmmm. although he probably wouldn't mind if i did. he's just awesome like that.

  1. My mom wants me to carry a little cross on me somewhere…she wore it in her wedding and my granny before her. I am not Christian but I know it means a lot to her…so I'll be carrying it in either a) my shoe. or b) my bra. probably my bra : )

  2. I plan on getting my mom the top pendant with lace from her dress for a gift.

    My bouquet will be wrapped in lace from her dress and I am wearing jewelry that belonged to each of my grandmothers as a memorial.

  3. i love that resin pendant. i might have that done with a bit of the lace from my gown that i made when i married my late husband. not to wear on my wedding day when i marry my future mr, but to have in general.

  4. I wore a small locket on a long chain that had dirt from my baby's burial site. It felt like a way to bring her with us on our special day.

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