Karaoke at my wedding: is this a terrible idea?

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My partner and many of our friends adore karaoke. We've talked about having karaoke for half an hour to forty five minutes of our reception (our reception will be five hours total including a cocktail “hour”). We've mentioned this to a few people and have gotten mixed reviews. Some people adore it, others can't keep their eyebrows from reaching their hairline.

Is there a particular time that it makes sense to do something like this? I definitely think it should be towards the end of the reception but don't really want to end our party with karaoke. And is there a way to ward off those that are tone deaf? I'm also a bit concerned about song selections that may be offensive to grandma.


Well, first we'll say this: If wedding karaoke is a terrible idea, you're in great company!

You might want to consider a few factors like…

  • Having a few planted friends to sing pre-selected songs and limiting the selection of tracks.
  • Also, for the sake of your non-singing guests, make sure there's a place for guests to go if they want to opt out of the karaoke and just chat.

We'd love to hear from those of you planning to belt it out at your receptions: how'd you manage your karaoke logistics? For those of you married types who did karaoke, what were your biggest tips for wedding karaoke success?

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  1. I’m tossing around the idea of karaoke at our wedding. My fiancé and I, and our family and friends enjoy it. I think I am going to do sessions of it, maybe 12-15 minutes each. Anyone will be able to sing because it must make them happy and we are here to celebrate. I will ask for communication between the dj and someone important or myself. I will make sure the talent of each session is mixed if need be and possible, and will make sure no songs are too inappropriate. For those who don’t enjoy karaoke, they can use the time to go to the restroom or bar, or to a quiet place for a conversation, and I hope it doesn’t ruin their night.

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