Got extra invites? Then you've got an awesome photo backdrop

Offbeat Bride reader Stina had a ton of leftover invitations and inserts due to a printing snafu. Inspired by her father's suggestion of using them as decor, Stina had a flash of brilliance when she turned them into the backdrop of their photo booth.

Here's how she made this backdrop in four steps:

  • a one-hole punch
  • string
  • some nails
  • and blocks of wood, to which she attached the bottom of the invitation strings, to weigh them down (as it was an outside photo booth)

BOOM! Instant backdrop.

We just ended up using the camera and remote, without any software or ability to print out on site, which meant for much faster photos. We had about 150 photos when all was said and done, and I think they all are wonderful. We threw in a few props, and everyone had a blast with it!

Check it out in action:

  1. What a fun way to use up extra supplies! I wonder if I can make a backdrop of failed DIY experiments 😉

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  2. That's a great idea if your invites are colorful — ours were just off-white with a subtle silver fern impress design. And too bad, because overwhelmed idiot that I am, I ordered an invite for every *person* rather than every household, so I had a TON left over!
    I ended up cutting out the ferns, hole-punching them, stringing them together with ribbon in our main green color, and hanging them as streamers from a variety of surfaces.

    • Oh my gosh I did this too! I don't feel so alone! I am typically super meticulous, but I guess in my overwhelmed state I made the same oversight. I am thinking also about doing this project with my green invites.

  3. Not only do I LOVE this idea (what better way to keep my father from inviting 20 more people I don't know?!) and will be doing it, but our corgi is coming to wedding too!!!!! LOVE the adorable couple too!

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