6 wedding ideas I stole from Offbeat Bride

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let the nerf war begin

I don't know if you've noticed, but we have a special archive called Steal This Idea! This means, clearly, we love offering up great wedding ideas for you to take, run with, and make your own. But, apart from noticing them in real wedding profiles, we never really get to know how many of you actually DO steal those ideas.

That's why it was so awesome to read this “thank you” note from Australian Tribesmaid Jass

Thanks to Offbeat Bride, I have found these unique wedding ideas which I totally adore and am stealing:

  • The idea of getting all (36) invited kids involved in the ceremony. The idea was that all the kids would start the ceremony by ringing bells. But I was concerned that this would mean bells would be going off during the entire ceremony (although the original bride said this wasn't a problem). Instead, one of the activities in the book is for the kids to make and decorate themselves a paper basket which we will fill with dried flower petals. They will then start the ceremony by scattering (read throwing about) petals up the aisle.
  • My wedding dress. A Tribe member posted a picture of a beautiful Anarkali, which had me hunting down Indian stores in Australia, which had me taking a trip to Melbourne, which had me buying the dress!
  • My wedding veil. Ariel put me onto this idea, as I wanted to twist the Indian dress into something a little closer to Tribal style.
  • The two readings for the ceremony (one Christian, one secular). This was hard because I'm not Christian, although my future husband is, so finding one which didn't feel hypocritical was a challenge.
  • Ideas for what games we are going to play during the war. We're having a Nerf war before the ceremony, so a bunch of zombie, LARP and historical-types offered to do what they do best. The main idea is that my future husband and I will try to “kidnap” each other, with help from all the guests.

Listed like that, it sounds like a bunch of short and sweet things, but each was the result of days or weeks of searching, mulling, twisting around, deleting and starting again and so on.

I was just going through my notes and noticed how much had come from Offbeat Bride. So I wanted to say thanks to you all, I really appreciate the help.

Which Offbeat Bride ideas are YOU integrating in YOUR wedding? Bonus points for including a link to the article that inspired your idea!

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Comments on 6 wedding ideas I stole from Offbeat Bride

  1. Just got married on Saturday. Some ideas we got from OBB:

    Paper roses, made from foreign language dictionary pages. Original inspiration here: http://offbeatbride.com/2011/08/wedding-paper-flowers

    Customized Fluxx deck

    Wine in decorative box for our 5th wedding anniversary. Though that was not part of the ceremony, as it was in one of the many inspiration articles like this one

    I gave my bridesmaids a color and range for length, and they picked up or sewed FABULOUS dresses that were perfect for each of them

    There are more that I am forgetting!

    • Can you explain this customized Fluxx idea a little more? I am greatly intrigued but can’t find it anywhere…

      • Honestly, aside from brief mention in the link above, I couldn’t either. My then fiance sound a Magic card template program online that, believe it or effing not, actually had Fluxx templates in it. We used all the usual Action and New Rule cards, but made our own Keepers and Goals with images and everything, that way it could be all about us. Some of our Keeper combos and goals were
        Pittsburgh Penguins + Les Habs = Hockey Night (we both are huge hockey fans)
        India and Swords = Mughal Empire (my masters degree will be in South Asian Studies)
        Ska + Beer = Dance the Night away
        1994 Jackson Kelly + Ska = Reel Big Fish Concert (can you tell we’re ska fans? we played TONS of ska at the wedding)
        Powerpoint + Ironman = Stark Industries (Husband loves Ironman)
        Tea + Library books = Finals Week (grad student!)
        Chibithulhu + Ocean = The Stars are Right (and we’re gamers)

        I have to ask him for the link where he found it or the name of it.

    • Other Offbeat things we did:

      bright purple shoes
      -ska recessional
      -I changed into purple Chucks for the reception so I could skank
      -nonstandard cupcake flavors
      book/library theme
      -married by a friend
      -NO garter toss
      -NO SODA on premise. freshly made juices instead (like watermelon!)
      -bread and wine ceremony
      didn’t change my name
      book/lantern/potted plant centerpieces

      And I second the other comments that one of the biggest things I got from OBB was the confidence to do things my way and follow our vision (which, btw, turned out even better than I had ever imagined)

  2. Dalek cake toppers. I wouldn’t have known they existed if I hadn’t seen them on OffbeatBride. Thank you!

    • Hehe so cool! One of my fave OBB/Etsy discoveries too!
      ‘Dalek’ is one of those ‘ship’ nickname combos of mine and fiance’s surnames. Coincidence? ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Getting married NEXT weekend (June 2nd). Offbeat wedding things include (some stolen from OBB, some not):

    -Short dress from Etsy

    -colored shoes and sash that are NOT the same color

    -Paper flower bouquet (style heavily stolen from these bridesmaids: http://offbeatbride.com/2008/05/sandys-colorful-crafty-hip-but-wont-scare-grandma-wedding)

    Games games games (actually, this was stolen from my sister, though still OffBeat)

    Paper bunting


    Potluck reception

    -Mismatched tablecloths, napkins, and cups

    -Hay bales for ceremony seating

    -Confetti kids (instead of flower girl)

    -Wood inlaid titanium wedding rings (an Etsy find)

    -No specific wedding colors

    The biggest OBB inspiration was getting the courage to do things my own way. Including my biggest anxiety item: finding a way to tell my dad I wanted to walk down the aisle alone, un-escorted. Turns out he totally doesn’t care, and this way my parents can walk together the same way the groom’s parents walk together.

  4. We’re having a ring warming, colourful dresses with a touch of rainbow inspired by that awesome rainbow tulle dress you once or twice featured, we made fabric and paper flowers ourselves and I’m wearing a butterfly crown. Oh, and our venue is a small community-owned business which we found after finally thinking outside the wedding industrial complex box. We also used many local and indie businesses as vendors.

    All things I didn’t even know existed or would be so important to us until seen on here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I am getting married in July and, though I have not seen it here, we are having breakfast for dinner for our evening reception. Mostly because both of us love bacon, and we thought, “who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?”

  6. Stuff I stole –

    Day of Coordinator – I would have denied myself this if I hadn’t found my awesome DOC through a comment from another Tribesperson in my area.

    Origami flowers – loved the idea as a DIY option and during the time I was making them OBB game me the confidence to explain to my mother over and over again that I really didn’t want live flowers (even though I grow them all over my yard!)

    A small small wedding that respected my introversion — all the conversations about those with social anxieties and even those who are introverted.

    A friend as an officiant – who could feel free to talk to us and about us during the ceremony

    Handfasting cords – making them for ourselves and taking ownership of the design so that the cords became a symbol for our relationship and our family.

    Permission to paint outside of the lines – making the walk down the aisle about my relationship with my dad, not about ownership or patriarchy, tossing the garter and bouquet toss.

    And most amazingly the support and knowledge that I had Tribesmates who understood what I was going through even when I did not.

  7. Our wedding is just over a month away and there are so many things we have taken from Offbeat Bride, that I think any list would be incomplete. We will be doing kids activity books/kites, ribbon wands, chemistry unity ceremonies and more (all OBB inspired) but beyond that, the level of support and inspiration from Tribesmaids has been incredible. Were it not for the Tribe I doubt I would have dared to make 1/4 of the things I have crafted for our wedding. I could never thank OBB enough!

  8. Ok, funnily enough my wedding was featured on OBB, so it may continue the cycle of inspiration… But these are the specific things we got from OBB:

    – getting a dress from Etsy (actually discovered Etsy through OBB)
    – wearing a corset!
    non-white shoes!
    – books as centerpieces! (and other non-floral centerpieces)
    mismatched bridesmaids!
    – awesome, non-boring invitations! (mostly inspired by Royal Steamline, which in turn inspired our wedding theme)
    – no wedding colors
    – having a theme that’s not just “wedding”
    rock band instead of first dance

    (There are so many posts about all of these from which I was inspired!)

    Honestly, our biggest inspiration was that we could be ourselves, and celebrate that. Cheers to you, OffbeatBride!

    • Oh Yeah! I totally forgot! Awesomeness of shoes!
      I might have dialed it back a bit if not for OBB and just gone with a pale blue shoe (which is tough to find on its own).

      Instead I found my shoes by following links on one of Ariel’s epic shoe posts. Not only were they not-white, they were the most embellished part of my outfit! (Irregular Choice, Can’t Touch This in blue and gold)

  9. I don’t think that there is a part of my wedding that ISN’T coming from Offbeat Bride.

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