Photo from FunnyPeopleCo
Photo from FunnyPeopleCo

The Offbeat Bride Tribe was buzzing recently about the trouble of finding killer headbands for wedding hairstyles. And you know what, it has been a long time since we talked headbands, which is a shame since they are awesome for long-haired and short-haired brides alike, and for any hair texture. The last roundup we did was a little on the wild side, so let's see if we can dig up something for everyone.

Tranquil Skies Headband

Crystalline Fountains Headband

Shabby fabric flowers are a favorite and can totally be worn every day after the wedding.

Priscilla Beaded Headband By Petit Plume

Ooh, layered and beady!

This one brings the outdoors to your noggin in a super lovely way. Plus, I'm pretty sure you can wear the veil on the front or the back.

Kitty Girl at Heart Headband

Loads of feathers = loads of fun. Don't be afraid!
This is a vintage find, straight out of the '60s. And OMG the color.

If you're in search of some awesome headpiece inspiration, check out our tag archives for hats, headpieces, fascinators, and veil alternatives.

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Comments on Feathers, chains, and flowers: a headband roundup

  1. So cute! I love the last one, especially. I’ve been trolling etsy for something similar, but without the veil.
    Now for a special request:
    You’ve done headpieces, shoes, and fashion. How about eyewear?? (I mean glasses porn, people!) I’ve looked at all of the “brides in glasses”, but I would be very interested in styles considered just for a wedding.

  2. While we’re speaking roundup ideas — I’d love to see a roundup of coloured veils like the last picture and the recently featured black veil, or has that been done already?

  3. That last one reminds me of the blobular head-covering-hat-thingy that Dolly wears in the Family Circus comic.

    OMG, I just admitted that I look at the Family Circus!

  4. I had my elbow-length veil attached to a headband! It was such a great idea from my dressmaker because it had a 50’s look to match my dress, and was super easy to wear with my hair down as I didn’t need a comb or pins. Headbands rock.

  5. Oh my, those shabby chic flowers almost exactly match the ones on my dress (I also found a handbag in the sales covered in them, reduced from £150 to £20, bargain!). I think I may have just found the answer to my “What the hell do I wear on my head?” dilemma! <3 you so much for this Superman!

  6. Cute suggestions! I have my heart set on a crystal bow headband. I have a sleek chin length bob and just want to look like a sweetheart rather than a “princess”. I love that headbands don’t require a fancy hairstyle to look special.

  7. oh my goodness, I fell in love with that first one! Though I’m considering a floral headband, I want a “backup” just in case my wildflower DIY experiences fall flat. Gorgeous!

  8. I’d love to wear the cat-ears but I think the in-laws already reckon I’m a bit of a crazy-cat-lady already 🙂 The 1920’s looking beaded headpiece looks great though. Maybe I should Gatsby it up a bit!

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